Age recommendation Bridges land tours

Are there minimum/ recommended ages for land tours. Would like to travel with my two grandchildren 11 & 14 and their parents on land tour in Europe.


  • We have done 3 Bridges tours over the years. The last one, our grandchildren were 17 and 15. You will find older children than this on the tours as well as some adults with no kids at all!

  • No age minimum is listed in the Tauck FAQ for classic land tours, but the FAQ states:

    "Please note that Tauck Land Journeys and Cruises are designed primarily for adults, although children are certainly welcome. We do not offer child rates on non-Tauck Bridges journeys."

    The minimum age for Bridges tours varies by tour:

    "Children age 3 and older at the time of travel are welcome on Tauck Bridges itineraries. Based upon our experience with family travelers, for each itinerary we have a minimum recommended age to encourage comfort and enjoyment for all of our guests. In some cases there may be age restrictions on activities; all children must be accompanied on activities by a parent or guardian. At least one guest in the traveling party must be 21 or older to make a reservation. Note: Minimum age for our Tauck Bridges river cruises is 4 years; minimum age for our Tauck Bridges African safaris is 5 years; and minimum age for our Tauck Bridges Galápagos cruise is 6 years."

  • Your grandchildren are the perfect age for the Bridges tours! We have done 3 bridges tours and the majority of the kids on our tours were within those ages. On our tours, the tour directors and guides always plan fun things just for the kids, My girls made some really great friends on the Bridges tours that they still keep in contact with and we have traveled with their families multiple times. So I recommend to book the trip! Your memories will be priceless.

  • Hi, my wife and I are booked with 2 grandchildren for the Italia Bella Italy tour in June, 2022. The girls will be 15 and 13 and this is the last of our Bat Mitzvah trips. We have done other Bridges tours and your grandkids will fit right in with the group, especially if you pick a tour that will appeal to kids. Our Alpine Adventure trip which we took 3 years ago was very popular with kids in this age range. These tours are great; go for it!

  • Sandman - Bat Mitzvah for the younger one and quinceañera for the older one? :)
    In any case, Mazel Tov!

  • BKMD, I guess this is her quinceanera without a mass or celebration! The 15-year-old celebrated her Bat Mitzvah, but declined to go on the trip we offered her. Now, it is our last grandchild's Bat Mitzvah and the 15-year-old has decided to go tag along. 4 days in London and then the Bridges tour through Itlay, not a bad decision!

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