Mandatory Traffic control card

One of the required documents for Galapagos is listed as “mandatory traffic control card”.Is this something we have to get before we leave the airport in Guayaquil ?


  • I did this trip with “X”, but all of the documents were issued at the Baltra airport.

  • Thanks Sealord.I re-read the digital green book from Tauck;there is no mention of us getting this card at the airport on arrival.So I am assumIng TD will give us one before we start touring Galapagos.

  • Things change, but as I remember it the card was issued by a government official at the Baltra airport. After exciting the airport, ours were never looked at again by anyone.

  • I’ve been to Galapagos twice with a ten year gap and never heard of such a card

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    We went in March 2017 and I've never heard of it. It may be something the Tauck TD and/or the tour management company (Metropolitan?) deals with for you. Ecuador closely monitors and controls access to the Galapagos, even to the point of limiting the number of vessels visiting particular anchorages or how many people go ashore and where.

    There are many articles about the Transit Control Card (TCC) on the Internet. Here is just one: According to one article it came into being in 2017 but wasn't immediately enforced. Other articles make it sound like it has been in effect for at least 3 years or more now. They have online registration, but you still must show your passport, sign and pay at the Guayaquil or Quito airports where you may experience delays of 30 min or more- "The line will be long and slow" since it includes those who have not pre-registered.

    In any case, the $20 p/p TCC sounds like it is (or should be) a Tauck or tour management company issue just like the $100 p/p Park Entrance fee you pay upon arrival. (Both must be paid in cash) You supposedly also need to show the TCC upon departure from the Galapagos.

  • I found the requirement in the Airline site;This was required according to Ecuador tourism board;there was no mention of fees.I will get in touch withTauck to get clarification before we depart.I cannot imagine standing in. a long line past midnight to get this card

  • Yes there is such a card!Before we left for Beltran we were given this card by TD.At the airport after we landed in Baltra,we had to show this card to enter;there was a bottom portion of the card given back that we had to show on our departure from Baltra.

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