Botswana, SA & Zambia Sept 10th, 2022

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Hello single traveler # 2. It's only 2 of us. in our tour, if you want to reach out feel free to do so.. (PM) I had a few questions before but they were taken in the wrong way.-"weird" - so I erased them... but, I did left the video! it has a great vibe.


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    Hello single traveler # 2. It's only 2 of us. :wink:
    Genger? Age range? Do you like to Bamba? do you wanna Chill with the big boys? your fav. drink? Do You like Photography?

    That is the weirdest post I have ever seen!

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    Mil...This video is a great pick me's FUN! That's the energy I feel when I'm headed to the airport for a Tauck tour. B)

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    PureLuxury, me toooooooooo. I love the song too, but they did modified a little, the original is better.

  • mil - I found it very weird. Guess I didn’t get the joke. Sorry.

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