Tips for clothing: end of August trip to Scotland

I am a newbie to Scotland travel. I will be there at the end of August, taking the Week in Scotland trip. Can anyone give me tips on what the weather will be like & recs on what to bring in terms of clothing? I have read stuff online of course but would love to hear from those who have done this trip or others through Scotland at this time of year. Thanks!


  • I was in Edinburgh in late June for the start of the England Scotland Wales tour and froze. Had to go to a sportswear store to buy a pullover fleece. You want to be able to layer and adjust to the weather as needed.

  • It can be cool, but there can also be heatwaves. Take clothes that can be layered. It will however always be cool in the mornings and evenings even if it is going to be a hot day.

  • We took this trip at the beginning of Sept 2017. I wore a sweater most days, and agree layering key. Make sure you bring an umbrella and/or light rain jacket. We had rain most days, but not necessarily all day.

  • We were on the ESW trip in August 2019. Our last trip before Covid. It was very cold and windy and rainy when we were in Edinburgh, While at the Tatoo some of our group left and went back to the hotel because it was so cold. So I do suggest a warm jacket to bring along.

  • thanks to everyone for their comments. we are going in August and I was wondering about the weather. We will take warm clothing and rain gear.

  • Just to reinforce the above comments, as a native Scot who has travelled back there frequently from the USA, one can never underestimate how cold it may feel. The weather could be sunny and hot but is much more likely to be cooler and damp. With the wind and dampness, it feels colder than you might expect. Long pants, a fleece, a light hooded rain jacket, umbrella, hat and gloves and you will be prepared for the worst. Hoping you have the best of Scottish weather for your trip!

  • I second the hat and gloves.

  • We attended the Military Tattoo in August 2019. It poured buckets of rain in the hour or so we were in the stands before the show. We were so happy we had brought rain pants on the cruise which we wore that night. Made a huge difference in our comfort, even though we had raincoats. Of course umbrellas aren't allowed in the stands. Rain pants take up little room and they saved us!

  • I am scheduled on the August 11 tour of the Scottish Isles, starting in Edinburgh. I'm preparing for "chilly' weather, especially on the islands. This will be my 11th Tauck trip and I'm excited to finally travel outside of the US. I am traveling solo and wondering if there are others on this trip...?...any suggestion about the trip?

  • Take insect repellent for the islands

  • Tip on bug repellent - Avon Skin so Soft comes in individually wrapped towelettes. We bought these for travel and don't have to worry about the bottle leaking. Each towelette covers at least 2 of us. It's nice because we can just pack one in our day bag. Available from Amazon or Avon if you don't know someone who sells Avon products.

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