Spirit of the Desert bait & switch



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    Hey, I’m retired. Where else can I get this kind of entertainment several times a day?

  • The Tauck app would have to go thru some pretty major improvements over the original to be able to help with a problem like this. Pre tour it only tended to have some general tour info. Nothing detailed til the tour started. And that often was incorrect.

  • I had to make an email change to my profile, but I found some things were going to the old email after the representative said they made the change. I then got in touch with esupport and learned that there are some things managed by a second, parallel system which either the agent did not know to do, or did not know to have sent over to esupport.

  • What is with you people. Sandkeytiki is just telling of her experiences on a tour, where the promised hotels in the National Parks were switched out for Hiltons. How would you feel if it happened to you, on your very expensive Tauck tour?? Like you got ripped off... Lots of you accused her of not reading the Green Book. Did Tauck ever come out with a notification to past and current Tauckers that they were changing the Green Book to an online document? I never remember having received something like that. Give Sandkeytiki a break. She was just trying to see if anyone else, on any other tour has experienced the same type of downgrade in their tours. Lighten up, people.

  • Because Joanne there was so much more than a disappointing tour. I don't think most here are questioning that this tour had some serious problems and I won't defend Taucks part in that. Where it wasn't making sense was some of the other beefs as I outlined in my earlier post. Inability to contact Tauck, blaming the TD for a wrong number, lack of knowledge about digital greenbooks, etc. Anyone who has spent time in this forum knows how covid has been impacting Tauck and changing procedures. Obviously sandkeytiki didn't spent much time on the forum then comes in with a pretty inflammatory thread using the term "bait and switch". Blame Tauck for their mistakes but we're all adults here and have to be our own best advocates not just wait to be told something.

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