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Two questions for those who have cruised on Ponant ships, both related to attire. First, the Tauck packing advice says that "...the international mix of travelers on board tend to dress somewhat more formally than one might expect. Thus, you may prefer to wear a jacket and tie..." Have others found this to be the case? Or do Tauck guests comprise most or all of the guests on the Tauck cruise dates? Sure would be nice to leave the blazer, tie, slacks, and dress shoes at home for a change.

Also, we signed up for kayaking, and the Tauck advice is to bring water shoes or sneakers. But what about the rest of me? Swim trunks? wear shorts and a shirt and expect them to get wet? Are dry suits provided?

Looking forward to seeing Norwegian fjords after two years of cancellations!


  • On my latest Ponant experience, during my Iceland tour last July I found what Tauck provided you to be true. On the Iceland tour the ship’s population was about 50-50 Tauck vs non-Tauck. With respect to the dress code, it is a personnel decision. I chose to wear a jacket and tie to two evening dinners on the ship. I wasn’t required to, it was just my decision ( perhaps strongly influenced by my wife and niece 😀). I feel the minimum might be nice parts and a nice shirt. That said, I have no idea what would happen if someone showed up in jeans with holes in the knees and a hoodie (as an example)

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    It is a French cruise line … the only French cruise line. The employees dress nicer than the many Tauck guests. Some of the Tauck/Ponant cruises are full boat charters, others are not. The French definitely ‘dress’ more than Americans (or Brits). I always bring a jacket and nice shoes for a Ponant trip, but I rarely wear a tie. You will likely run into a few people who look like they just stepped off of the cover of a fashion magazine. I have seen people refused service in the restaurant for inappropriate dress. Don’t expect to dine in shorts and shower shoes.

  • While we have not done a Tauck tour with Ponant it is on our bucket list. There is a fairly recent video on youtube that goes over the partnership Tauck has with Ponant. It may be of interest to many readers of this forum.

  • RickS - Here are a couple of pictures from our Iceland tour - one from the Captain's Dinner and one from the Farewell dinner.

    Here's a photo from a different night.

  • Sam - Thank you for these lovely fashionista pics, to which we will all now aspire!

  • MarketArt - My wife just fell off her chair, seeing Sam and fashionista in the same sentence. 😂

  • What size shoes are those??? :o

  • Smiling Sam, I was also in Iceland on the July 25 Tauck Ponant cruise. We flew SFO - Denver on Icelandic Air. Also travelled on Ponant to Japan and treasures of the Mediterranean is coming up. We travel with friends we met from the Switzerland trip. Somehow they think we’re fun!

  • The two Ponant tours we have taken, Panama Canal and Iceland were all Tauck guests. We ate at the Captain’s table both times, one of the Captains had his French wife visiting, she was very elegant.

  • Very, very nice photos, cathyandsteve.

  • Have been on Ponant ships to Iceland,Antarctica and Land of the rising sun.Neither of us (me and my husband)like getting dressed up on vacation;we do the minimum and have never been refused entry to any events.Of course,you can easily tell the French group apart in the dining room specially in the evenings.BTW Smiling Sam :Jeans with holes are some of the designer jeans !

  • sudhamali - BTW Smiling Sam :Jeans with holes are some of the designer jeans !

    I know and I don't get it.

    Perhaps it's because as my daughter puts it, I'm an Old Geezer. :D

  • ‘Designer’ holes, or ‘real’ holes does not matter. Neither one will get you into the dining room on Ponant. Some of the ships have a ‘dirty shirt’ mess, (cafeteria) on deck six. I think your ‘holey’ jeans will get you in there. (;-)

  • This is all so ridiculous isn’t it!

  • I do not own or wear jeans with holes but there was a lady in our Japan cruise who wore it elegantly!

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    It takes years to properly ‘break in’ a jean jacket … but I would not wear it to dinner in a nice restaurant. Someone stole my last ‘seasoned’ jean jacket, and someone stole my ‘Tilley’ that had been all over the world. My new ‘Tilley’ has been to Europe and Antarctica, and is about to make it’s first trip to Africa.

  • You just cannot wear holes in jeans elegantly or graciously! The holes in jeans cost a mere fortune when I can make the holes myself. In fact, I cut the hem of an older pair of jeans (really really really old) and frayed the bottom so they look raw and torn. I was astonished when women inquired where I purchased them! Holy cow.

  • I beg to differ as far as jeans with holes.If you accessorize nicely miracles do happen!It is also how you carry yourself!

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    Frankly, I was thinking about wearing 'booty jeans shorts," sometimes called 'Daisy Dukes' - you know the style- shorts with almost no legs and pockets that hang down below the frayed ends.

  • AlanS - We know you like to be a trendsetter.

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