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We will be taking this trip in two weeks. I have a couple of questions that I cannot find answered. The wait time on the phone is prohibitive.

  1. Are there any events, like a formal dinner, where a coat * tie and needed?
  2. We are arriving a day early so we will be doing some sight seeing in Vancouver on our own. What is included in the tour for the first official day so we don't duplicate things.


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    Basic information for all tours:

    First off does the itinerary say there is a special dinner? If there is Tauck will say so. Typically the welcome and farewell are dressier than regular nights eating in the hotel but seldom require coat/tie.

    Second, what does the Packing list say? You can find it on the website for your tour. Scroll down past pricing and availability to the section on Important Information for Your Tour. Swipe left til you see Packing. it will say if a jacket/tie is optional.

    Day 1 is just the welcome reception and dinner. Day 2 the itinerary appears to be pretty detailed from what I'm reading. It also looks pretty busy.

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    Bob, I see that you joined in 2012 but this is only your third post. Since you tried to call, I think you know this, but I just wanted to make sure you realized this is a user forum. Tauck rarely monitors it. I won't say never, but they post and answer questions even less.

  • I actually called and asked this very question. I was told that the Tauck of Vancouver was very general, except for the Gallery tour. I think the float plane will be a great overview. We plan to spend some time at Stanley Park on the day prior or the morning of the first day of the tour.

  • They take you to Stanley Park by coach as well as a tour around Vancouver with a stop for lunch where they give you $25 each.

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