CDG airport

Anyone have experience going from terminal 2E to terminal 2G to make a flight connection?


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    All terminals connected at CDG - you can walk from one to the other if you have time
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    edited March 2017
    You'll need to go through security screening between your flight from the US and connecting flights, so take that into account and don't cut yourself short. Last spring we flew from Raleigh to CDG to Naples, It, on Delta+Air France (Skyteam) and while our bags were checked through, we were required to go through security (shoes, carry-ons/hand bags, body) between flights. Luckily it wasn't too busy. We were also able to use Delta's Sky Priority line, but that wasn't any quicker. CDG is large and somewhat confusing, one of my least favorite airports. There was insufficient gate seating also.

    You can access the CDG airport map on line. You can check TripAdvisor and may also be able to find a site with interactive map that will tell how how to get between gates and time required. I believe someone provided a link here within the last few months- do a search.
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    Alan S,

    Thanks for helping several of us. Connecting in Paris and from looking at the stored data, we come into 2E and go out the same. From looking at the CDG map, there are 2 such terminals and we will not have to go through the main terminal.

    I also, am not comfortable with connecting in the airport. I have requested a "Meet and Assist", if needed. The last time we flew through CDG, we missed our flight!!

    Thank you.
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    Here's my question. Are you talking about the flights to the start of the tour in Amsterdam? If so, why are you going via Paris and not directly to Amsterdam?
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    It could be coming back. At the end of our Rhine cruise you could go Basel to Amsterdam or Basel to Paris then home. We opted for Amsterdam but had family traveling a different date that went thru Paris.

    The 2G terminal is a bit on it's own and can only be reached by the shuttle buses (not the monorail you can use between the others parts of the terminal).

    I wouldn't try it without a fair amount of layover time.
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    edited March 2017
    I've read various descriptions about how far it is to 2G, all of them derogatory : (

    Kinda like the last time we flew through AMS- landed at one end, then had to walk the entire terminal to catch our connecting flight. Also, it seemed like the aircraft taxied forever- parallel to and over roadways, across more than one farmer's field, before we reached the departure runway! We taxied so far I expected to see a "Welcome to Belgium" sign along the way! : )
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    The CDG website is a much appreciated addition. Thanks

    Included on the website, there are some connection times and added connection information. My question is: It states if we are not connecting to a country in the SCHENGEN AREA, there may be additional clearance. Morocco is not included on the particular list, so not included.
    So, I am wondering about the time issue for more than one security check, if this is required.

    Any thoughts on this? Thank you so much.

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