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  • we are getting in a day early. Any suggestions for when to get a guided tour of the Louvre
  • We did a similar cruise a few years ago - the old French Waterways.

    It depends on how long a tour you want and any additional time you want to spend at the museum.

    Your options are - the day you arrive depending on what time that is, Tour day 1 of the tour, or the afternoon of Tour day 2. Your best bet is Tour day 1, just be sure to give yourself time to get back to the hotel to change for your cocktails/dinner at Fouquets (it's a pretty fancy place). The bus picked us up for this at 6:45 but check with your TD (they'll have a desk at the hotel) for the exact time.

    Your arrival day is risky as travel delays can cause you to arrive later than planned. Day 2 would work depending on how long you want to spend at the museum. I wouldn't plan on it for the day you catch the train to Lyon as it's hard to predict what time you need to be back at the hotel to leave for the train station. Again, you need to wait and ask your TD.

    Have fun. The Rhone remains our favorite river cruise.
  • we are planning on this tour in Sept/Oct 2022. Anybody spent any time in southern France in October ? How cool can it get ? Good savings if you take the Oct cruise but little concerned about the weather.

  • Take a look at Weatherspark dot com it is a great resource- historical info presented in textual and graphical format. I research it before booking all our Tauck trips. Look at samples in my posts in this (unrelated) forum thread.

  • We've been in Paris in early October. One thing to consider would be the number of hours of daylight. We arrived at 7AM. It was totally dark driving into the city and didn't get light until well after 8AM. It looked like a night time rush hour. It also gets dark around 4PM.

  • The Weatherspark pages also show hours (and graph) of sunlight (and moonlight) :D

  • The ~12 hours of daylight on 9/23 makes sense. On the equinoxes (Spring and Fall), the entire planet has 12 hours of daylight.

  • Is there any chance we can visit Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in Provence on the Savoring Paris tour? If not, how can we get there without renting a car in May, 2023?

  • Taking this cruise with a few friends the first week of April 2023. We are getting in a day early and hope to visit the Eiffel Tower. We plan on getting tickets to the Eiffel Tower before we go. Anyone else on this cruise in April 2023? Enjoy the river cruises.

  • Ours is sometime in May of 23. We are really looking forward to it. Unfortunately it was cancelled twice in the past due to the Covid. Hopefully, the third time is a charm! Enjoy your cruise. And the Eiffel Tower is a real treat!

  • If you have a chance, visit the Paris catacombs.

  • Catacombs-good idea. Have never visited.

  • Just came off the ‘waitlist’ for the 9/21/2024 trip. We booked the ‘Arthur’s Annex’ Cat 3 stateroom so we will not have to walk very far for coffee.

  • I love the coffee machine in Arthur's. I want my own.

  • The coffee machine is wonderful! It starts the day for me before my wife gets up. I especially love it on the winter trips with a nice pastry next to it, Yum!!

  • I always have breakfast and lunch in Arthur's as I'm not a big daytime eater, I have also had many dinners there.

  • I've read that "American Breakfast" can be served in your Cat 7 cabin. Have any of you done this and, if so, how was it? Also noticed in the fine print that another Cat 7 cabin perk is an unstated amount of OBC. Anyone know how much? Seems like the only on-board charges would be at the spa and the gift shop. Since the cruise appears to be a busy one, there may be not even be time for the spa.

  • We opted for a Cat 7 cabin on our recent Rhine cruise. We did have breakfast delivered to the room a couple of times when we had very early excursions. I don’t know if the room service breakfast is only for Cat 7 cabins. I think that every cabin can have breakfast delivered. We had a €100 credit which we used in the gift shop. My wife and I are not spa people.

  • edited November 2022

    I don't know what "American Breakfast" means but, yes, you can have room service when enjoying the beautiful category 7 cabin. We typically do this on the final morning of the tour while other guests are rushing to breakfast. It allows us to enjoy a light meal by ourselves before disembarking.

    OBC? If you are referring to the credit, it is a 100 euro credit. I always use it for gift purchases in the boutique. They always have very nice scarves modestly priced. Any leftover euros are given to one or two crew members who have given exceptional service.

  • On the Andorinha the room service breakfast is included in Cat 5 cabin as that is equal to Cat 7 on the bigger boats. We will use the 100 euro credit for laundry.

  • Thanks for the relies. The breakfast in room perk is only explicitly stated for Cat 7, at least for the Grace (December) and Sapphire (October). The "American "breakfast" is Tauck's phrase. Seems to mean eggs, bacon/sausage, perhaps potatoes and/or pancakes. As opposed to the British gift of mushrooms for breakfast and their less-appreciated baked beans and tomatoes.

  • Well they define Continental breakfast - that served in Arthur's - as pastries, fruit, juice, yogurt, cheese, etc. We've been in several none suite cabins with Tauck and breakfast delivery was never offered. Most cabins now have a Nespresso machine.

    On prior cruises, before our recent one on the Andorinha, they offered snack trays ( cookies, cheese and crackers, etc) to all rooms or public spaces but I noticed the Andorinha didn't offer it. Not sure if it's that ship or a 2022 thing.

  • Thanks, Portolan, for clarifying "American breakfast." You are not limited to that, however, when staying in the category 7 cabins. We typically order porridge, yoghurt and fruit. They will always add a croissant!

  • Glad to hear that they don't restrict the breakfast service to the "American Breakfast" because it's almost entirely unlike our normal breakfasts at home (even though American).

  • If what you want is not on the menu card left in your room, speak with the kitchen manager and she/he will oblige. We have also had some delicious and healthy blended fruit drinks (smoothies).

  • The e100 works perfectly for laundry. We were able to order whatever we wanted for breakfast in cat 5 on Andorinha and cat 7 on the larger ships.

  • I can see that I’m in a Cat 7 crowd, but has anyone done the Cat 3s, rooms 317 and 318, on the Emerald class boats?

  • Not in those cabins, but our first cruise was in the same size room on the Emerald before Scylla redesigned and made most the 150 sqft cabins into 225 sqft Cat 6 cabins. It was also mid-ship which is my favorite. We found it had adequate storage room and we loved the full height windows. It doesn't have a seating area other than the bed and a small wicker chair. All the doors - cabin, bathroom and storage - open into the same space so two people kind of have to coordinate their dressing. The bathroom reminds me of one you'd find in a RV. Small but does the job. My husband liked it better than the one we just had on the Douro (Cat 2) where the distance from the toilet edge to the wall was 14". Hard going for a 6 foot guy. If you're only in you cabin for sleeping and dressing it's perfectly fine. I don't know what the noise levels are like back near Arthur's but other have reported no problems.

  • My husband and I are trying the cat 3 next Dec on a Yuletide cruise. We would be interested in any comments

  • Just booked this for 4/24, This will be my second run with Tauck, but I’m still waiting for my first cruise this May, Thanks for all the great comments, all very helpful. I’m going into Paris a couple of days ahead of the tour. Any suggestions for a great restaurant? Looking forward to meeting others who may be booked for this tour.

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