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  • irdvo116,

    We enjoyed dining at the L'Opera Restaurant at Palais Garnier which is adjacent to the Intercontinental. We enjoyed lunch so much one day that we went back for dinner another day. Dinner reservations are definitely required. I believe you can book on-line and peruse the menu.

    The hotel itself has a lovely little outdoor cafe which is great for people watching. On the days in which we have a substantial lunch, we typically have some appetizers in the hotel's bar for dinner.

    This is a wonderful tour with food and wine being plentiful. Have a marvelous time!

  • We are going July 2023. Any recommendations on a day trip the day before the tour starts? We have been to Paris a few times so we've done a lot there. I wondered if there was a day trip to Palace of Versailles?

  • I'm sure there is a day trip to Versailles - I did that on my first trip to Paris in the 1970's. In my opinion, Versailles is something to see once, but does not bear repeated visits.

  • We got a train to Versailles, it’s not far, but I can’t recall details, perhaps someone can provide more details

  • It has been some years, but we also took the train to Versailles, and it was easy to do. At that time, we had a museum pass which allowed us to skip the line. So, I advise purchasing tickets in advance of your visit.

  • Did Versailles a few year back, but I do remember that we took a train from Paris, and it was so easy….quick, and a wonderful experience. You won’t be disappointed. Just agreeing with everyone!

  • kfnknfzk: Thank you, headed to Google next! Love to check out new restaurants. Most might not agree with me, but foods are my highlight.

  • My pleasure, irdvo116. I will soon be in Paris on a different Tauck river cruise and can't wait. I, too, enjoy the food when traveling. That being said, I think you will enjoy the market in Lyon. There are so many surprises on this trip. Please post a review of your experiences!

  • We did this trip mis May 2022 as our first Tauck tour, and it was lovely. All the towns are beautiful, as well as the excursions. the visit to the Camargue was a wonderful surprise! Go to the truffle farm, so much fun. We enjoyed the restaurant right in the hotel our first night: Cafe de la Pais. We went back to Paris on our own for several nights when the cruise ended and enjoyed some fabulous restaurants!! Even a 3* Michelin on my significant birthday. Marvelous beyond words. Agree with everyone on here, my first trip to Paris in 2001 I went to Versailles….it’s worth it. Enjoy!

  • kfnknfzk: We just booked a ballet performance at the Opera Garnier. Do you think it's possible to book the dinner at the Opera restaurant before the performance? How was the service and what kind of time should we allow?

    Thank you for all of the suggestions!

  • Maria526, I plan to be in Paris 4 days before the tour, which restaurant did you enjoy for your birthday? This is killing me talking about Paris now, my trip is not until next year. I’m 47 days and counting until my first Tauck tour on the Grace…….and it’s not to Paris! But looking forward to just the same.

  • Mimitravels,

    You should book your dinner reservation on-line in advance. We did not do a dinner/performance, but I would allow at least 1.5 hours for a leisurely dining experience. We found the service and food to be superb.

    This was pre-COVID, so I hope nothing has changed. If you have trouble booking a table, contact the hotel's concierge and let them know you will be staying at the hotel as part of a Tauck tour. Give them your Tauck reservation number. They should be able to assist in securing a reservation. We have done this numerous times while traveling with Tauck and the concierges have always been obliging.

    Please report back!

  • kfnknfzk - Thanks again and will do!

  • @irdvo116….we really treated ourselves and went to dinner at Guy Savoy. It was totally UNREAL!!! They were so wonderful, no airs about being 3*, just inviting, warm adm friendly. The food, the service, the wine! Magic. I strongly recommend the artichoke soup. It is one of their specialties. They will take reservations…..I cannot remember how far out I did them. They also want to know if there are things you don’t eat, or want you might love, and they will accommodate you. Very special place. Enjoy!

  • Maria526, just added Guy Savoy to the FOOD list. Like I said earlier, I’m going in a few day’s early just so I can hit a couple of special places. Digging deep into menus/wine lists/service. Not forgetting the out-of-the-way, hidden, locals-know-it places too!

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    Thanks, Marla526. We will be celebrating a special event while on a different tour and are now thinking about making a lunch reservation on our final post-tour day in Paris. Although the website doesn't offer specifics, the eight (8) course menu with wine offerings seems like a perfect way to celebrate our final day. Thanks again!

    irdvo116 - One of our favorite things to do is to take a stroll during free time and stumble upon those hidden gems. We always attempt to converse with the locals as well. We have always found that a smile and a sincere greeting in the native tongue goes a very long way.

  • @kfnknfzk glad you will look into Guy Savoy. They do offer multi course lunch and dinner but also have ala carte choices! And also very true, always speak a bit of French in greeting people and they will smile and answer, usually in perfect English. French people are wonderful and warm, they are just a bit formal, and appreciate a French salutation.

  • Marla526–did you do the 13 course menu or a la carte?

  • @voikk32….we did all carte, as my hubby does not eat any dish or seafood, so that would have been crazy for us. But I will tell you….the ala carte was fabulous. Not only did we get the most gorgeous tasting and looking amuse bouche, but the little tastes in between courses and added desserts were a great surprise! Perhaps because I was celebrating a big birthday? All I know is that it was a superb experience. Not touristy, just sublime. I don’t know if I will get back to Paris again someday ( been there many times, as I’m sure lots of folks on this board have been) but I would not hesitate to return!

  • Marla526,

    Again, thank you so much. I made a reservation for lunch on our final post-tour day!

  • Enjoy, kfnknfzk!

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    Thank you! I will definitely include a critique of our experience when I post a review of our trip.

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