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Hello! We are scheduled to take the Essence of Japan trip in April 2018. I have read the reviews posted for the tour that coincides with ours-and I would have loved to be able to send questions back to the tour members who took the time to show us the way-- but this seems to be the allotted vehicle-- so, the What To Pack advice suggests we be chic and stylish while also comfortable in cotton capris-- sounds great-- except cotton wrinkles and the pants from the site Tauck provides for travel clothes is not cotton and not very chic for city wear.

My question is for women-- what brands of pants worked well for you-throw and go is what most tour need--I just need some suggestions -also - are there French restaurants on the tour that necessitate a jacket and tie for the men?? Some reviews say no need for this--what were your experiences? This is heavy, bulky stuff and the guidance is pack light.

Many thanks to replies and assistance!!

Happy trails


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    I can answer on the ladies pants. My personal favorite in ponte knit. Several manufacturers use it and some are better than others. Coldwater Creek's are the best I've found. Their Holly pants feel like wearing sweats/leggings but look like very nice dress slacks. They travel wonderfully and come in several colors. I've also found some nice pants made from blends - cotton/spandex, rayon/nylon/spandex, etc that travel well.

    Having said all that, I wouldn't worry about a little wrinkling - at least not for day wear. You're there to enjoy the tour, not host a fashion show. No one else will care or even notice.
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    I agree with Claudia on clothing. I'm afraid the link that takes you to Netgear is a total joke apart from the more adventure type tours which clearly the Japan one is not. I have only been to one French restaurant in Japan, and that was when my husband's colleague took us out to dinner. But when I ate in Japan, I ate the Japanese food which was delicious. That's what I would recommend.
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    We did The Land of the Rising Sun last month. For this trip (small ship part of tour) I took a few more dressy things (mainly tops) to go with the black and ecru pants that I always use for evenings. For day touring my go-to pants are NYDJ (Not Your Daughter Jeans) that are classified as a "skinny" pants and some styles as leggings (although, those are not the more athletic type I associate with leggings, just skinny legs...)...Whew, hope you are still with me...I love them as they are stretchy and do not look wrinkled after one or two or three wearings. I have them in black, tan, grey and a washed jean. I also took a pair of olive NYDJ capris. Again, can withstand multiple wearing without looking like I slept in them! I got mine at Nordstrom. I also took a navy pair of Calvin Klein Ponte pants that I got at Costco! Worked great. Our weather was on the cool to pleasant side, but I don't think my choices of darker fabrics would work well in very warm weather.
    We did not go to a French restaurant, so can't help there. We were very comfortable in our "next-step-up" from day-touring clothes in all of the restaurants we did go to, however.
    Probably the best advice I can give you (so hackneyed now for travel almost anywhere), is to layer...prepare to start out in chilly weather and then start peeling off the layers as the day progresses! Also important, to me anyway, are shoes! It is so nice that we can now be comfortable and fashionable!
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    We were on the March 31, 2017, Essence of Japan Tour. During the day, I mostly wore Lucy brand long long pants with various tops. For the evening, a lot of the women wore nice black pants with nice-looking tops, although at times dresses and skirts were worn also. There were a couple of evenings on the tour where people got more dressed up, and many of the men wore jackets, long-sleeved shirts, etc., although there were quite a few men who just wore nice pants and long-sleeve shirts.

    We did visit two French-style restaurants for lunch, but they were both on tour, so we were all in our "touring clothes."

    I have found over the years that ponte knit and pants made from blends travel well, with little wrinkle. There were irons provided in most of the hotels, although we didn't need them.

    I hope this answers your question!
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    Many thanks to all who replied to my tour clothing requirements. Nothing beats those that have 'been there and done that!" We can't wait, and you have taken a huge burden off my mind-I wanted to pack light, but was conflicted--no longer. Best wishes to all!
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    I will be gong to Japan in September. It will be hot and humid. Am I to understand that women over 50 do not wear shorts or sleeveless tops in Tokyo while touring?

    Thanks for any guidance.
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    It will be humid but not that hot, but September is typhoon season in Japan, so your main concern could be for heavy rains and wind. I notice that Tauck does not provide the usual monthly weather charts for Japan and that is annoying. If you avoid shorts and wear outfits that would not look too out of place if you find there is no time to change before dinner you will look ok, that is a good compromise. I have found that on Tauck tours, not having time to change before dinner after some long days can happen. We have also gotten to our hotel and then found we are waiting for our luggage to get to the room in the time we would have had to get changed. To avoid this, I sometimes plan to carry an outfit in the backpack I carry on to the bus. I notice that the tours for September are not full or wide open, I'm not sure if this is usual because of less than perfect weather conditions or whether people are canceling because of the instability in North Korea.
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    Went on this trip September 2016, and would never choose september again. The most important item you need is an UMBRELLA! It is hot and humid and rains all the time ! A rain jacket may be helpful- but need short sleeves underneath, so you don't get too sweaty/uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this continuous rainy/typhoony weather colored my opinion of the trip. I wish I had checked the potential weather patterns, before I signed up for trip, and paid all that money.
    I am thinking about the India trip for 2018, and my time choices are January or October, and not coinciding with a major Holiday, that would impact trip enjoyment
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    Poupone, will you be on the April 15th ,2018 Trip? My husband and I are also signed up for that one. Really looking forward to that trip! Happy Holidays, Sherry
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    Hello Poupone: I am also scheduled for the April 15th Japan tour. Are you doing a pre night? Would be nice to meet some folks on the tour arriving early.
    As for clothing, I am told by previous visitors to bring clothing comfortable during the day and 1 or 2 nicer pants for evening with a shawl for women and a few interchangeable blouses. For men, I am not sure.
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    It'll be humid but not that dry, but in Japan, September is the typhoon season, so your main concern could be with heavy rains and winds. I note Tauck doesn't provide Japan with the regular monthly weather charts and that's irritating. It is a good option if you avoid shorts and wear clothes that will not look too out of place if you notice that there is no time to change before dinner. I noticed it can happen on Tauck tours, not having time to adjust after a few long days before dinner. We also arrived at our hotel and then found that we were waiting for our luggage to arrive in the room when we had to change. https://askmeoffers.com/ I also intend to wear an outfit in the backpack I am carrying on to the bus to prevent this. I note that the September tours are not complete or wide open, I'm not sure whether this is normal due to the less than ideal weather conditions or whether people cancel because of North Korea 's instability.

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    ramesh - I note Tauck doesn't provide Japan with the regular monthly weather charts and that's irritating.

    There's more than one site on the web. Try this (not spam): https://bfy.tw/Obxh

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