Charging Tablets and phones

In US and Europe, hotels have electric outlets which accommodate UBS charging cables for Phone and tablets.
Will we find such in China hotels and ship booked for this trip? Thanks.


  • I haven't seen very many USB charging ports in US or European hotels. I always bring the appropriate adapter even on Tauck's river ships where 110 outlets are available (and USB ports are being added) for convenience. With 2 people charging items it gives us more flexibility.

    If you read the Before You Go, Upon Arrival information for this tour here on Tauck's web page you'll find the following:

    "The electrical current in the hotels in Asia is 200/240 V, AC. If you plan on bringing electrical devices with you, it is suggested that you bring an electrical converter with an adapter plug set, although it may not be necessary as all hotels have pre-adapted outlets for razors, as well as hairdryers. The electrical current on the riverboat is 220 V; however, it is 110 V in the bathrooms."

  • I was on this trip a few months ago. Every hotel and the boat had "universal" outlets that would accommodate US, European (round), and local plugs. I brought adapters with me, but never needed them.
  • Just a note about USB charging ports. USB ports have different current ratings (amps). This is basically how fast the current can flow through to charge the battery. Phone chargers are typically 1A. Tablet chargers are typically 2-2.4A. Some chargers are smart chargers that have a chip so that they sense what the best current is for your device or speed up charging by giving more current to start and then throttling back to avoid damage to your battery.

    USB charging ports found on planes and hotel desks are often 1A. This is fine for your phone, but will take twice as long (or more) to charge a tablet. For best results, use your original charger or buy a third party smart charger. For travel, I have one from iClever (available on Amazon) that puts out up to 2.4A for two devices, but is "smart" so that it works well for phones or tablets.
  • It's the best to take the original charger for tablets and phone, and a travel adaptor.
    We had a trip to China last year, we had no problem with our ipads and iphones.
  • Just an FYI, if you own an iPhone or iPad and want to bring it on your tour, Apple sells an "Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit" for $29. We have found this to be very handy on our 11 Tauck Tours all over the world.,0.5&.v=0
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