Extra Day in London?

My husband and I are taking this tour in August 2018. We have schedule an extra day in London. I would like to book a special sightseeing tour but don't want to duplicate experiences. Did you go on the London Eye by chance? I found a London Eye:Champagne Experience I could schedule or a Tower of London tour ..... wondering which would be better ....

Also, my hubby wants to know if he should bring his golf shoes ..... any chance of playing during a free day?

Thanks, Linda Denise:)


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    We've been on the London Eye several times and it's a worthwhile experience. The Churchill War Rooms is a great tour that is close to the Eye. If available to be pre-booked, a tour of Parliament is amazing. Seeing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London was a blur as you travel by the best jewels on a moving sidewalk.
  • It’s always a risk pre-booking the London Eye because if it is cloudy or rainy you won’t see a thing. An extra day in London will enable you to barely scratch the surface.
    My choice would be to check if Buckingham Palace is open when you are going.
    If the Queen is not there, and she usually is not in August/September, that is the only time it is open to the public, but you must pre-book, there are several choices of tours as add ons. Be sure to go to the Genuine Buckimgham Palace website. It’s a while since I have been but it’s wonderful. My daughter visited there last year, she’s good at finding deals and got one that included Afterboon Tea. I also discovered that Clarence House is open to the public in August, where Prince Charles and Camilla live, but again you have to pre book. I love the Gift shops in the Royal residences. For example, I got my grandchildren pajamas that were like a changing of the guard soldier.
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    We did this tour in 2013 (my third trip to London), but the tour has changed since then. On our tour, you got to go to the "Ceremony of the Keys" and have dinner in the Tower of London. Given that they dropped this (so sad), I would recommend going to the Tower. Really one of the best tourist attractions in London. Full of history and lots to see besides the crown jewels. The yeoman warders (aka beefeaters) give tours, so there is no need to book a tour, just take the tube.

    Regarding the London Eye, it's interesting to have done once, but crowded. You'll have a wait even though you've reserved ahead. A cheap alternative is the Sky Garden at the top of 20 Fenchurch St. The views there are arguably better than from the Eye. Free admission if you book ahead or go to their bars or restaurants. More info at:

    You can also go to the top of "The Shard" (tallest building in London), but admission is seriously over priced.

    So many things to see and do in London, you could take weeks (and I have) and still have more to see. Some other top picks - Take a boat down the Thames from Westminster Pier to Greenwich. Home to the Royal Navel College, the Greenwich obseratory (think Greenwich Mean Time) and other sights. Or go upstream to Hampton Court Palace (you can take a boat in one direction and take a train the other to save time).

    I agree with British about Buckingham Palace. So far I haven't managed to time my visit to get to see it. If your schedule matches with the Buckingham Palace opening days, I would go for it. Even if it's closed, the Royal Mews (the queen's stables) and the Queen's Gallery will be open.

  • We took this tour last June and saw both the Tower and rode the Big Eye on our own during the tour days.

    On the morning of day 12 there is a bus tour through London and the TD allowed anyone who wanted to get off the bus at the Tower of London. We did that, walked up to the ticket kiosk with little wait (Aug might be different) to buy our tickets. The Beefeaters spiel is definitely worth it and the crown jewels. Keep an eye on the line for the crown jewels and jump in if its not too long. We high tailed it from the chapel as soon as the Beefeater got done and only spent about 10 minutes outside in the sun. There is still a 10-20 minute wait inside but it's air conditioned and has interesting displays. You can either take the subway back to the hotel or a river bus on the Thames. There are stops right at the Tower, one near the Savoy (there is a back entrance to the hotel), as well as the Big Eye.

    On the afternoon of day 13 we rode the Big Eye. We could probably have squeezed it in after the Tower tour. We bought our Fast Track tickets through the concierge at the Savoy that morning after we knew the weather would be clear. They will print you a receipt to take with you. Don't forget it! When you get to the Eye you still have to go into their ticket building. Go to the Fast Track line with the receipt and they will give you actual tickets. We only had to wait for 3-4 capsules before getting on. Way shorter than the regular line. The Eye is a fairly easy walk from the Savoy.

    If I had a full extra day I would likely consider either the British Museum or something further afield like Hampton Court. Everyone on our tour take did the Churchill war rooms enjoyed it. Some did that tour on day 13 after the Abbey.

    FYI on the dinner/theater night. We were given the list of plays and restaurants to chose from while in Edinburgh. You had to pick your top 2 play and restaurants choices by the second day. The Savoy is close to most but not all theaters. Tauck gives you money to pay for a taxi regardless of which play you chose. Seems like it was 20 pounds. We opted for a play and a restaurant within easy walking distance of the hotel. While you can get a taxi to the theater, getting one afterwards can be a challenge.

    If I can help with other info about the tour, let me know.
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    Should the hubby bring his golf shoes? Any chance of getting in a tee time on a free afternoon?

    Also, thank you all for your help .....

    Now!!!! Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!!! :)
  • Are there any golf courses in central London, no idea. You can do an internet search. I would just say to him seeing as you have such a short time in London and there are weeks worth of things to see, I would not waste time playing golf.
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    Linda D wrote:

    Also, my hubby wants to know if he should bring his golf shoes ..... any chance of playing during a free day?

    Thanks, Linda Denise:)

    Not unless you arrive in Edinburgh a day or two early and get transport to Saint A n d r ews.

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