Lunch cost and credit card use

Trying to figure out expenses. What was the average cost of lunch in Scotland, Wales, England?


  • Not to sound rude, but it depends on how cheap your are and how hungry. We're fairly cheap on our own plus it doesn't take long on a Tauck tour before we feel like we're constantly stuffed. Any meal Tauck provides is very generous so we usually go pretty light on our own.

    I can't recall the exact amount but don't think we spent more than about $10 per person. Usually it was something casual in a self service place like pret a manger or EAT or a take out (cornish pasties in Stratford). Pret a manger and EAT are chains that offer soup, sandwiches, pastrys, etc you can eat there or take out. They have websites that you can check out the menu (sorry no prices). The first night in Bath we were so full from the huge lunch in the pump room that for dinner we went around the corner from the hotel to a chain place called PizzaExpress and got a take out antipasto. It was so good we went back the next day for lunch.

    If you go to a sit down restaurant or pub and/or include a beer it might be more like $15 a person.

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    Trying to figure out expenses. What was the average cost of lunch in Scotland, Wales, England?
    What type of lunch do you mean, as Claudia says, it can vary widely. I'll be in England and Scotland next week, not on a tour. With Tauck I also feel overstuffed. Last time I went to England as a solo I bought lots of sandwiches from the small Marks and Spencer food only stores. In a restaurant you can pay considerably more than $15
  • We seldom wanted to waste time sitting in a restaurant waiting for service, the food, the check, etc. when you only had 1-2 hours of free time in a location before it was time to get on the bus. Too much to see and do. Although if the weather was cold/drizzly it was nice to got somewhere warm and have a hot drink.
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    I find the non-included meals a nice break from over-eating and skip several of them during the trip. I bring some trail mix in individual small packages (Trader Joes) and some Clif bars. I actually lost a pound or two on my recent Scandinavia trip (no, I didn't get sick), but I did eat fish just about every meal. I also spent four free afternoons either bicycling or hiking.
  • Just returned from this trip in June. As previous posters have stated, prices depend on how you want to spend your lunchtime, grabbing a quick bite or indulging in a sit down meal. For example, in Edinburgh, after a busy morning of touring, we grabbed lunch at a pub on the Royal Mile. I took a photo of the menu ( had a spatchcock chicken dish that I wanted to show to a friend), and I just checked. A hot dog was about $ was on the Royal Mile, and prices are Windsor we didn’t have a lot of time, and most of us hit up a sandwich shop, but even that was about $25 for two (wrap, sandwich and 2 waters)...Great Britain is not cheap...

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