Lovely Bali Vacation and Further Recommendations

Hi there! I have spent a lovely week in Seminyak with my darling wife last summer. We have never been to Bali before, so it took us a couple of months to decide where to go. We chose a lovely villa in the city centre, and I have to say that we were very pleased with our decision. Ever since we landed at the airport, we were surrounded by hospitality and care by the beautiful Balinese people. We are very sociable, so we were looking for a cozy villa not far away from cafe's, restaurants, and of course, the beach. It wasn't a mistake since we were enjoying the evenings in the restaurants, or by the vila's pool, and in the mornings on a beautiful sandy beach. We warmly recommend this place to anyone. Also, we are looking for suggestions for another hotels/villas/apartments, since we are surely coming back again next year. Thanks!


  • This is a Tauck forum. Tauck does not go to Bali.
  • Hi AlanS
    Actually, Tauck will start tours to Bali & Singapore next 2019. Kingdoms and Dragons
    I'm planning for it in 2020.
    Also, I wanted to let you know I did the K&T classic safari, I LOVED!!! what an amazing trip. I wanted to write a post but just today, I was able to login to the forum... technical issues. and I need to learn how to upload the pictures...
    Hope your doing well. Have a great week.
  • Yes, I forgot about next year. I still think OP is a troll. First time poster, unsolicited post talking about staying in a villa- not your usual Tauck lodging, no mention of Tauck or Tauck Tours, and in-fact talks about going back next year and is looking for another villa (this is usually where a partner, or same person under different user name, posts a follow-up about and provides links to the "best villa," etc., etc. I could be wrong, but have seen too many of these over the years.
  • We are already signed up for the new Bali Tauck tour Alan. Mr B saw it and wants to see the Komodo dragons.
  • edited October 2018
    British wrote:
    We are already signed up for the new Bali Tauck tour Alan. Mr B saw it and wants to see the Komodo dragons.

    "Bali Ha'i may call you
    Any night, any day
    In your heart, you'll hear it call you:
    "Come away... Come away.". . . "

    Do you need a villa? : )

    Have you seen the movie "Crazy Rich Asians." It was funny and pretty good. Takes place in Singapore. One scene highlights the giant illuminated super "trees" shown on one of the Tauck tour page banner photos-

  • I spotted your Kingdoms & Dragon Tours the other day, so I figured out that it would be great to make a tour from Singapore to Bali next year. We would love to get to know everything the tour offers. We went for a trip to Belize-Guatemala-Mexico-Honduras a couple of years ago, and the schedule of this tour reminds us of that one - meeting the fascinating history of ancient kingdoms in a tropical paradise. I know a little bit about the Dutch period in Indonesia, but not much about the culture of the Indonesian people. I've read how there are many languages and ethnicities united under one flag, so it would be a great combination of learning and having a great time. Next year we will be able to go on a vacation for an entire month, so we would perfectly fit this two-week tour with the two-week stay on Bali.

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