Booked our flights for Sept 6-18 2019



  • Something we learned during our trip- just because the falls are not at full flood in April/May, doesn't mean the flow won't pick up in June or July, but all bets are off for Aug / Sep. Frankly by being less that full flood we were able to see them better, though it was still a struggle to get clear shots with my GoPro from the Knife Edge bridge. I had to repeatedly wipe big droplets from the lens area of the waterproof housing.

  • We went the end of August. The falls were not at full flow - maybe 50-60%, but they were still impressive. We were on the South Africa Elegant Adventure so saw them from the Zimbabwe side. We took an optional helicopter ride over the falls to get the full scope of how big they are. I don't know if that will be an option on your tour. If it is, it was worth it!

  • Yes Lathy, recommend the helicopter ride

  • Or if you are adventurous- a micro/ultra-light flight over the falls. Also, if you can, book a window seat for the flight from Jo'burg to Livingstone. I think we were on the right side of the aircraft (in Business Class), but there were empty seats across the aisle on the left side and elsewhere- I hopped from side to side! :D

    Three fantastic views out the window of South African Airways Flt 048:

    Makgadigadi Pan (you'll see this up close and personal in just over a week):

    Victoria Falls and the zig-zag Zambezi River gorges:

    The Falls, Falls Bridge, and, in the upper left and just a short walk from the falls, the Royal Livingston Hotel (the long, gentle arc of small rectangular white buildings). To the right and more compact is the Avani (sister hotel) where there are two decent, casual places to eat (we tried both), Teddy's Restaurant and Bar and the Shungu Pool Terrace (decent wood-fired pizza)- you can charge meals at the Avani to your room at the Royal Livingstone.

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    We ate a very good dinner at the Royal Livingstone.when we arrived early, can’t remember whether it was one or two days, we walked to the falls, we did the plane flight over the falls and had wonderful massages. We just find we need to chill after long flights because the Africa tours are rough starting so early in the mornings. Good on you for having so much energy. Report back on the encounters.

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    cathyandsteve, 6:06PM. This brings me to a question. Our flights are all booked ...however we still do not have seat assignments from Johannesburg to Livingstone. It keeps saying it will be assigned. Did anyone else have this issue?

    What airline? What class of seat? Booked thru Tauck?

    We booked our own flights online- open jaw Atlanta to Jo'burg & Cape Town to Atlanta on Delta and a separate booking/reservation with SAA, Jo'burg to Livingstone. We selected our seats during booking for both. I don't know how it works if you book a flight where there is a charge for seat selection.

    If you are booked on a single reservation, say Heathrow to Jo'burg on BA and Jo'burg to Livingstone (usually on Comair a BA partner) but the BA website won't let you select seats on the Comair flight, try going directly to the Comair website and signing on using your BA confirmation number and name. Comair should recognize your BA confirmation number. I book very early (330 +/- days out) and sometimes I need to to that with Delta when my itinerary includes an Air France or KLM connection.

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    It looks you had to pre-pay extra for a seat during initial booking or now wait until 24 hours prior to flight to select a seat during check-in or at an airport kiosk. This link takes you to booking info for Kulula, a subsidiary of Comair, which I suspect uses the same procedures. Bottom line, I think you may be stuck with whatever seat you are assigned/select during check-in.

    This is what it says on the BA website:

    Reserving seats with our partner airlines

    _If you make a booking on or by calling a British Airways customer centre for a flight operated by American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia or Qantas, you can reserve your seats in Manage My Booking.

    If you’re flying with one of our oneworld alliance partners and are an Executive Club Gold/oneworld Emerald Member, a Silver/Sapphire Member, or a Bronze/Ruby Member, you can contact your local British Airways customer centre to reserve a seat for that flight.

    In all other cases when you're flying with one of our partner airlines, please contact them directly to reserve your seat.

    Please note that you cannot use Avios to pay for seats on flights that are operated by our partner airlines.

    If you paid to reserve a seat on a flight operated by any of our partner airlines and would like to get a refund, please contact them directly_.

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    That is what I expected. Comair is just a licensee of BA, and like their competitor in SA, South African Airlines, aren't the most well managed nor easiest to reach to get answers. It is only slightly better if you fly First/Business.

    Before our B,SA,Z trip I was unsuccessful trying to find out if SAA offered a meal on the short flight from Jo'burg to Livingstone- the website gave no clue and I received no response to my emails and never reached anyone on the phone (US number). We were scheduled to arrive in Livingstone early afternoon (just before the Comair flight.) We had an activity (microlight flight) booked soon after arrival and wouldn't have time to eat. We planned to sleep in a bit and were trying to decide if we would eat a late breakfast/early lunch at the Intercontinental Hotel where we spent the night, at an airport eatery, or attempt to access the SAA sky lounge at OR Tambo. I wasn't certain, but as far as I could tell, our tickets gave us access to the lounge. They did so we ate there. It turned out we were offered a small meal on the flight too.

  • 😀😀😀😀😀 meanwhile, I’m wondering what happened to Nedda, I thought we would have heard from her by now. I ve been scanning the news and there are no reports of anyone being eaten by a lion or anything like that

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