suggestions for a full day in Paris

Arriving day ahead of Savoring France tour and looking for sightseeing suggestions. Thanks


  • Buy Rick Steve's Pocket Paris guide. He has great suggestions and information about the sites, how to get around on your own, maps, suggested self guided walking tours etc.

    If you're staying in the Intercontinental across from the opera house that's worth a tour and close by.

    If you want a free and easy view of Paris, the Galleria Lafayette is a shopping center 2 blocks from the hotel and has a very nice roof terrace with a view of the city. No charge and no stairs to climb. Also several dining options.

    Lots and lots to see in Paris. You'll wish you gave yourself more than one extra day. We did.
  • Check out (don't know how to imbed the link) to see what they offer on the day you will be there. They are -- or were -- affiliated with London Walks. I've taken a couple of their walks and would have taken more if I had had more time in the city. The tours are in English. Like London Walks, you don't have to reserve in advance and you meet the guide at a metro station.
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    MCD wrote:
    Check out (don't know how to imbed the link)

    Paris Walks

    easy peasy:

    1. copy the site's URL
    2. just paste where you want it in your text


    1. copy the site's URL
    2. put your cursor where you want the link to appear
    3. click on the button on the editing bar that has the green globe/link icon
    4. paste/enter the URL in the drop-down box
    5. click OK
    6. give it a name (description) in the next drop-down box
    7. Click OK

    (I added the blue and the underline)
  • Thanks, Alan. Now if I can find your post the next time I need it!
  • Thanks for the suggestions. Just received Rick Steves book today, will study!!
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