Anne Frank House

Is there time while in Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank House? We are starting in Amsterdam.


  • I do not know when you are arriving so I cannot answer your question on the time. You should know that you must purchase the tickets prior to your arrival if you go to the Anne Frank House. I toured the house this past summer when my tour ended in Amsterdam. While waiting to go in, people and the signs said that only electronic advance tickets were acceptable. Unless something changes, one cannot just arrive and expect entry.
  • We arrive at 8am.
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    We arrive at 8am.

    I think Kathy also meant how many days/weeks until you arrive. Tickets go on sale two months prior and can sell out quickly. According to TripAdvisor there are two types of tickets. Also, a certain number of tickets may be released at some interval, but I wouldn't rely on that.

    From the forum archives:

    Also from TripAdvisor, posted Jul 30, 2018:

    "Since the Anne Frank house has recently updated their website, here is a revised “how to get tickets” :

    Tickets to the Anne Frank house can only be bought online on the official website of the Anne Frank house. There is no ticket sale at the door and the resale of tickets by tour operators or private persons is strictly forbidden.

    There are 2 different kinds of tickets available for the Anne Frank house

    1) Regular entry tickets

    80% of the regular tickets go on sale exactly 2 months in advance, the remaining 20% goes on sale on the morning of the specific day in question, some time between 9:00 and 10:30.

    To get these regular tickets; go to this website and click on the red “buy your tickets” button;

    2) Entry tickets that include a 30-minute Introductory program.

    These tickets go on sale exactly 2 weeks in advance. To buy them, click on this link and DO NOT click on the red button, but scroll down to the section about “Special programs” and click on the link that says “Introductory program”."
  • We just completed this trip last week. We had tickets for the Anne Frank House at 2:45pm following the canal cruise/lunch. It was tight and we really had to move it to get there on time. I suggest making reservations closer to 3:15-3:30. Should make the reservations online 60 days prior to going. That is when they go on sale and they sell out quickly. BTW, the canal cruise is very nice and food surprisingly good.

  • We are planning on visiting the Anne Frank House the day our tour departs Amsterdam. We are arriving the day before the tour starts and are staying at the Intercontinental Amstel. Do you have a recommended tour time?

  • If the Intercontinental is the Tauck hotel for your cruise, you will likely need to be back to the hotel to catch the bus to the ship by 3pm. The TDs will be at the hotel that morning (usually about 9) and can give you the exact time to be back. To give yourself time for breakfast, talk to the TDs, get all your bags ready to be picked up in your room, and check out of the hotel, I wouldn't book any earlier than 10:30 or later than 12:30.
    If the Intercontinental isn't the Tauck hotel for your cruise then it gets more complicated.

  • What time is the farewell dinner on the day of the canal lunch cruise?

  • Every cruise is different so specific timing of events is hard for anyone else to guarantee you at this point. Also, while the standard green book itinerary may say the farewell is the last night, they often move it to the previous night especially if a lot of people have early flight departures. For our cruise that just ended in Amsterdam the farewell "Chefs Signature Dinner" was on our second to last night and like dinner pretty much every other night of the cruise was from 7-9. Happy hour and the daily briefings (what the plan is for the next day) typically happen between 6 and 6:30.

  • Thank you.

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    Joec, we have literally just finished the Rhine Enchantment Cruise that began in Milan. After the lunch Canal Cruise, we were offered a choice of three different museums, taken to our choice and admission paid. By the time we had finished our museum, it was around 4pm and we headed back to get the Tauck bus back to the ship. Amsterdam is heaving with people and bikes. These activities were not mentioned in the Green book, just one of the Tauck surprises that we often experience.
    We are staying on in Amsterdam for three days. We left the boat at 9am for the W hotel, dumped our backpacks and headed out for some museums. We got a call from the hotel at 11am to say our room was ready. We were in the Palace, which is just by the hotel, so headed back to quickly unpack and then headed out again to visit more museums.
    If I were you, I would not chance booking Anne Frank on the canal cruise day, anything could delay you. I would consider staying a few days extra. There is so much to see in this hip crazy busy city.
    And by the way, despite seeing so many terrible reviews about the W hotel, our room is awesome, we even have a circular bath in the actual bedroom which we will be trying out after dinner. The lighting is not dull as some people have said and there is plenty of storage. I think some people just did not locate the wardrobe because it is behind a long long mirrored wall. The hotel restaurant has a Michelin star, so despite having eaten and eaten the whole tour, we might as well go out with a bang and have reservations there tomorrow night. Then the diet will begin.

  • British - Your experience at the W is much different than ours was in May. We were in the main building and our room had a closet on one side of the entrance hallway with the toilet and another closet on the opposite side with the shower. Both rather small. The sink was in the actual bedroom. No place to hang a towel so had to walk across the room while wet to get your towel. Sounds like you might be in the bank building. In any event, glad you have a great room.

  • Toilet closet on opposition side of loathing closet. Sink in room, shower right by, to too small in my opinion and towel rail right outside the shower door for your towel. just about to try the bath. All of the group are I think in the bank part of the building. The hotel staff are friendly and helpful.

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