• Try searching Wikipedia as it is a very complex (and confusing) issue. They do have a map of Antarctica showing various time zones there.

  • In a previous expedition to Antarctica on Ponant (but not with Tauck), they observed Argentinian time throughout. Less confusion WRT arriving in BA and then flying to Ushuaia then cruising to Antarctica. EST + 1 hour. Since there is very little interaction with people in Antarctica, there is no reason to adopt their time since they tend to adhere to that of their parent country.

  • Just discovered the insurance I got for the Caribbean is good for a year of travels. That will backup the Tauck evacuation coverage. Saved some dough going through my email files.

  • Sealord-- I have been reading your posts and you seem very well versed in Tauck tours. I would like to ask your opinion on the Antarctica tour starting in BA. We are going to be on the Feb 7 tour and our flight will arrive around 7am, but the tour doesn't officially start till 3pm (I think). Do you know if the hotel will allow us access to our rooms early? Do you have any suggestions on what we can do for these first few hours? taking this trip with my Mom (76), my husband and our 2 boys (14 &11). not familiar with BA; not sure what to expect. Thanks in advance!

  • If you can arrive a day early that may really help you. I’ve been to BA, I suggest you just recover from the flight until you have some input from your tour director. It may be a couple of hours after you land before you have cleared customs, retrieved luggage and been driven to your hotel. You really don’t have that much time to site see. Maybe find an ice cream store near the hotel, they are all over and the dulcet de leche flavor is delicious.

  • And to add to British's recommendation: definitely arrive a day early. Unlike many tours, it would be difficult (and impossible after the ship sails from Ushuaia) to catch up with the expedition. You don't want to risk that!

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    Dru: I think most of your questions have been answered. I’ve never been to Antarctica, but to BA many times. With the airline we sometimes had to wait for our rooms. Most flights depart at night, so they do have the evening to prepare if they are so inclined. Cleaning and such at night would probably disturb the other guests. If the hotel is anywhere near full, I would be prepared to wait.

    The. big issue is arriving the day of the trip. Everyone will be pretty tired when you get to BA, but we do have a couple days there if you arrived late. You could arrive one day late and still make the trip. I would check to see if you can arrange to arrive a day early.

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    I was just chatting with Tauck about our air for the ‘Rhine Enchantment’ trip, so I asked about how many Tauktourians will be aboard the Antarctica trip. All of the winter of ‘22 trips are sold out. Anyway, for our January 19 trip the number is eighty-eight … and she said they have a waiting list.

    I also find it interesting to learn where the Tauck agents actually are located. This one was in New Mexico.

  • Tauck Antarctica travelers should not be concerned, you only visit a small peninsula on the edge of the continent, far far away from the severe temperatures

  • Plus, you will be there in “summer” not winter!

  • thanks for the comments! I think that I misspoke when I originally asked my question. We booked this expedition thru Tauck and their itinerary describes everything except the time just before the welcome meeting on Day 1. We will arrive in BA the morning of Day 1, we will stay in BA until early morning of Day 3 when we will fly to Ushuaia. My main concern is the time between our arrival (after customs, etc) and the welcome meeting at 3pm on Day 1. I wasn't sure if anyone had any experience with this and had suggestions on what to do. Will definitely find a local sweet shop!

  • Dru, from my experience when I have been to BsAs, getting through customs have been very smooth each time.
    You should contact the Hilton now and request an early checkin. If you are a Hilton status member, that will be helpful.
    Also you can also pay for the hotel the night before, so no matter what time you arrive that morning, your room will be available. You can do that directly through the hotel, or through Tauck, which I think is the best way. Then, not only do you have a room but also with have breakfast when you arrive that morning. The rate is $254 inclusive of breakfast and taxes.
    Other option walking around the area where the hotel. It is called Puerto Madero which is a up and coming area of the city. Lots of shops, etc
    Good luck

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    . . . . . They put one together for me with very specific info on clothing. It is a number of pages long, so difficult to put on our thread. . . .

    If it is an MSWord, pdf, or other standard document type or photo you can just attach it to a post. Just edit your previous post by clicking on the little gear icon in the upper right of the message window, click on the little black page ("attach file" icon) in the tool bar, select "browse," then select the document (or photo) you want to attach from your files. Easy, peasy and you don't need to worry about file size restrictions your or the requestor's ISP might impose on emails. You can do the same with a forum PM as well.

  • Allan, All I received from Tauck was an email without an apparent attachment. There was the paper clip icon, but when I clicked it nothing happened.

  • Rogfam. Were you using an iPad or phone when you got the Tauck message with attachment? I can never open them on mine, I have to go to my computer to open it.
    I would be nervous including my email as you have done on the general Tauck forum. You can ask people to private message you instead.

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