Classic Italy 4/20/2020

Starting to investigate travel from the US. We prefer Delta/KLM and are working to stay on that airline. It seems if we go to Rome, and then high speed train to Naples/Sorrento we are able to get Delta round trip, yes the return comes from Venice.

Does anyone have details on the train to Naples/Sorrento?


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    We usually book thru Delta including for Classic Italy: Raleigh/Durham - CDG - Naples. The CDG - NAP leg was on Air France (but it could have been Alitalia which is also a Skyteam member). Our return was VCE - JFK - RDU. I don't know if you can do it all by the same train/rail company, so if you plan to fly into Rome and take the train you might have to change lines and or stations. You also might want to check to see if Tauck will pick you up at the Naples train station. It only mentions pickup at the Naples airport in the online itinerary. Things to consider- the area around the train station is not the nicest and if you also continue by train, on the local Circumvesuviana line from Naples to Sorrento that area and station aren't the best either-Google it. The car ride from the airport (just about anywhere in Naples) to Sorrento is long - an hour, non-rush and longer during rush hour, so you might as well fly into Naples and use the Tauck transfer- it will be via a nice Mercedes van or sedan.

  • Rome's airport (Fiumicino) is a quite a way out from Rome. So to get your train to Naples, you would first have take a train into Rome (the Leonardo Express to Roma Termini takes 32 minutes). Then take your high speed train from there to Naples. I'm pretty sure that Tauck will arrange transport from the Naples train station for you (we've done this with Tauck at other train stations in Italy and elsewhere in Europe). As Alan says, you could contact them to be sure. However, it would be a hassle schlepping luggage on the train and making two train connections (what if your flight gets delayed?). The high speed trains do fill up. If you're really set on taking the train, I would think about a night in Rome, near Roma Termini to make sure that you can be on time for your train to Naples. I agree with Alan the flying would probably be the best choice. If you want to go Delta to Rome, you can always book a separate flight for the Rome to Sorrento leg (Alitalia?).

  • Thanks guys, we figured out how to get to Naples via Air France from Paris. Our problem was Delta kept insisting we fly on Air France from LA. And we want to be on Delta. Finally got Delta to Paris so we can deal with the hop from Paris.

  • Air France is in the same Mileage sharing program as Delta, so I am assuming they have some kind of code share system as well. We do try to avoid Air France because they frequently go on strike. Our preferred air miles airline is American Airlines. If we can’t get to where we are going using them, our next priority is to get to our destination with a non stop airline. This way, there is a better chance of our luggage not getting delayed or lost. Even if it costs a little more, we still prioritize getting there on a non stop flight over everything else. Now we are traveling more than ever, our miles are adding up on the two major mile sharing programs.

  • My biggest complaint with AF and possibly other European carriers, is their Continental Business Class seats. Instead of having a dedicated section with wider seats in a 2 - 2 layout and more leg room like US carriers in domestic first class, you get the same narrow coach seats in a 3 - 3 coach layout with the same legroom as coach, except the center seat on each side is left empty.

  • Understand the AF issues. Yes they are funky how they handle business class, not very impressive. It’s near the bottom of my lists, but not a lot of choices. I refuse to fly on AA so that put the squeeze on us.

  • Great. Coronavirus now has parts of northern Italy under quarantine. A few politicians are calling on the govt to close the borders, and we just paid the balance on our tour. It’s some 55 days away, I’m trusting Tauck to make the right call.

  • I’m convinced it will all be history very soon. The numbers are so tiny compared to Flu cases and deaths. Just this morning on the news, it was reported that over 100 children here in the US have died of flu so far this season. And there is a vaccine for it, I wonder if the parents got them vaccinated.
    We were in China in October. Their living conditions are very concentrated. Several of the men and one woman on our tour during the river cruise part of the tour became ill with high fever, nausea and dry cough, sound familiar. My hubby got it. Wonder if that was an early Coronavirus case.
    I booked a new tour withTauck yesterday for 2021 and checked that there was no cancelation of our tour to Indonesia/Malaysia in October. Not because Tauck thought they ought to cancel, but because people canceling their vacation may cause the tour to be canceled. So far, so good. We are going to that area in two weeks too.
    Looks as if It will be a good year to go to Italy if everyone is canceling.

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