Luggage- new wheels!!!

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There was a luggage thread posted recently, but I thought I would start a new one. In that thread, many folks agreed that it is a waste to spend a lot of money on luggage with the abuse it gets from airline baggage handlers these days. We've made our lightweight Samsonite luggage last since 2013. It has gotten dirty but I've been able to clean the heavy duty nylon material. The zippers and stowing handle have held up so we had planned to keep it. However, at first we barely noticed, but recently the wheels became so worn that they didn't roll and swivel worth a darn. So I did some searching and found what looked like suitable replacements- AmazonBasics Softside Luggage Wheels, Multicolor. I got a set and installed them using 4 supplied (or the original) screws and just a Phillips screwdriver. Perfect match, perfect fit! My bag rolls like a top!! I immediately ordered a set for my wife's bag. I just got done installing those. Only $14.99 for a set of 4! (plus free shipping with Prime. (there are other styles and brands available.) Once cleaned, the bags will look and feel like new!!!

Amazon spinner wheels:


  • Has anyone ever been able to have the handle repaired, after the outer frame of the handle has been dented? Because of the dent, I can only lift the handle about 6 ", but, everything else is great.

  • The telescopic handle is a replaceable assembly- mounts with a couple of screws. Replacements run $20 - $30 on Amazon, however it might be hard to find one that fits your suitcase. It might be possible to remove, repair, and reinstall the existing handle, but it would depend on the damage. I have never tried it. Without doing any damage you can examine the handle and evaluate if it is removable and/or repairable. The fabric liner should have a tiny zipper running down the middle- just unzip it and take a look.

  • Considering we live in a disposable world, nice work, Alan.

    And FWIW, owning one 4 wheel spinner, I prefer the 2 wheel models. They seem to be more robust and less subject to breakage, wheels being recessed within the body. Also, they don't take off on their own on airport trains or if you're not on a level surface.

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