Sept 11th - Classic Safari

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Julie and I are from Rhode Island and so looking forward to this once in a lifetime trip. Are you joining us?


  • You are joking, right?

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    That we're from Rhode Island?

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    In jest or not, the pith helmet is too much a symbol of British Colonialism- not a good idea.

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    Jeesh. Not the welcome I expected on this forum. Anyone know how I can delete my original post?

  • Alan. I know you are a couple years younger than I, but the Brits were not the only ones to have pith helmets. I had a US Navy pith helmet that I wore with my Tropical Short uniform when I was in the Philippines. Perhaps it was adopted from the British, but the Japanese also copied the British Naval lore. Sorry I don’t have a picture, but I wore Bermuda length shorts, with long socks, short sleeved shirt, and a ‘pith helmet’. It was a US Naval officer’s uniform for tropical climates.

  • One of the other junior officers on my first ship, an old WWII DER stationed in Key West, wore that uniform often. He was a real character- had red hair and a long red handlebar mustache. He also had his wife hem up his shorts so they were no longer Bermuda length (and not reg) but the CO let him get away with them.

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