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In the past, has Tauck included time to see the Queen's Collection at Holyrood Palace with their Holyrood Tour? I understand that the wedding garb of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is on display this summer and I'd like to see it.


  • I have not taken the tour but visited Holyrood last year. I would call Tauck on this unless someone replies here for you. I would also go on the Holyrood website to check that it is open on the day you will be there, though the queen should be at Balmoral by then. The Tattoo will be on so the streets will be packed with people, like Times Square on a busy day. It really impedes your ability to set a good pace of walking if you are trying to see as much as you can.
    I recommend visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia on your free afternoon, it’s in Leith, a neighboring town, we took an Uber there, it’s not too far. We also visited the Botanic gardens. Another Uber ride, but lovely
    Too late now, but the best time to visit these countries is May, June or September in that order.

  • The Edinburgh Fringe will be on, could not get the edit to work to add this.

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    We didn't see the Queen's Collection when we visited Holyrood in 2013. If you are scheduled to see it the itinerary will normally say so, or you can call Tauck who can give you this sort of detail. You really don't see any of the residence rooms, mainly large halls and hallways, and the room where David Rizzio the private secretary to Mary Queen of Scots was brutally murdered (56 dagger wounds) in front of Mary by Lord Darnley, the Queen's husband and some of his lackeys..

  • We took this tour 2 years ago and as Alan said, it's mostly the state rooms, gallery, etc with about 30 minutes of free time after to tour the abbey ruins, visit the gift shop, etc. Looking at the website for the palace I found this about the special exhibit:

    _A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
    From 14 June to 6 October 2019 the wedding outfits of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be on display at the Palace in a special exhibition. Entry to the exhibition is included in admission to the Palace.
    Please note the Palace is closed 24 June - 5 July 2019.__

    Depending on the timing you might get to see it.

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    There was a gift shop??? D&D of Sussex didn't ring a bell. :/ If you had said Harry and Meghan . . . . . Ou how about Harvey, Donna, Louis, Mike and Rachel? :#

  • Yep, a very posh gift shop. Lot's of expensive china, corgis, and things with the royals photos on them.

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