Blue Danube River cruise westbound. Prague & Srahov Monastery Library excursion OR Regensburg???

Decisions, decisions. I chose the Regensburg and drive to Prague excursion on day 10 and am having second thoughts. I would appreciate any input.


  • We stopped in Regensburg on our Budapest to Amsterdam cruise in June and can't say it was a highlight I'd repeat. The "splendid Thurn and Taxis Palace" wasn't all that great so you might do better to head for Prague. Haven't been there but it seems quite popular.

  • I was on the Central Europe land tour with Tauck a couple of years ago which included the Strahov Library It was a fascinating tour. and I recommend it I know nothing about Regensburg.

  • We did the eastbound Blue Danube in 2018. Our tour started in Prague but we had the option to travel directly to the ship or stop in Regensburg first. We selected the Regensburg option. If I were to grade both cities on a scale from (lowest) 1 -10 (highest, ) I would give Regensburg a maximum of 5.0 and give Prague an 11. There is so much more to see in Prague. I was truly disappointed in the Old Stone Bridge in Regensburg- it was just ho-hum. I would head to Prague, tour the castle district and monastery llibrary with Tauck in the morning (call HQ to see when the tour ends), then take a pre-booked tour of the Jewish Quarter (unless it is a Saturday when the museums/synagogues are closed), in the afternoon with PragueWalker or other local company. We aren't Jewish or very religious but found the tour of the Jewish Quarter very interesting. Our PragueWalker guide, Tereza was superb. After that you can stroll the city, go see the main square and see (visit?) the famous astronomical clock, or walk to the historic and interesting Charles Bridge, etc. either before or after eating dinner- the bridge is a popular place both times.

    I know it is too late, but after reading your itinerary, I would switch to the Eastbound cruise!!! We arrived in Prague mid-morning a day early, and had a pre-arranged guided tour of the Jewish Quarter that afternoon, then spent the next day before the Welcome dinner on a day trip to Cesky Krumlov. That allowed us to take the old Prague walking tour and the day excursion to Salzburg with Tauck- we did it all.

  • Thank you all for your input and suggestions. I will be calling Tauck today to make changes on our excursion selections! So much to see, so little time.

  • I doubt it's too late. Our cruise had 4 days we were supposed to tell Tauck ahead of time what excursions we wanted, but then when on the cruise we had a session with the TDs where we reconfirmed (or changed them) and had a couple of more choices to make - the meal in Vienna and another biking option.

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    Claudia, I think Alan means that it’s too late to change from westbound to eastbound! Which of course it is. Ha! We are using our gift of time in Budapest prior to the start of our tour. I contacted Tauck this morning and changed our day 10 excursion from Regensburg to Prague and Srahov Monastery Library. Thanks for the responses.

  • Yep you're right. But the point about those preselected excursions choices that seem to be popping up more and more is still valid. I was surprised when they have us all a chance to change ours once on the cruise.

    The funny thing about Regensburg is it was the last stop before our "Viking damaged the lock ahead" change in itinerary. The 2nd day stuck in Kelheim we got an unexpected mini cruise on the Danube Gorge and tour of Weltenburg Abbey. I wrote in my comment card they should replace Regensburg with that. Much more interesting. Of course our cruise had so many German towns they all started looking the same.

    Best of luck on your cruise.

  • Thank you, Claudia. This is our fourth Tauck tour but our first river cruise. Less than six weeks away. We are getting very excited.

  • We did that cruise in mid-May, and chose the direct to Prague option. The Strahov Library, along with the tour of Castle hill and St. Vitus Cathedral were well worthwhile, and far enough away from Old Town to be a bit of a trip to do in your free time. Of course I can't speak about Regensburg but we were happy with our choice.

  • Thx, Terry. We are looking forward to the cruise and that excursion sounds very interesting. I think making the change was the right decision for us.

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