Rhine Enchantment

Took this trip in May 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed. However has anyone noticed that the cost of this tour is down $400 in 2020? Never known Tauck to reduce prices from one year to the next. Anyone know if there are changes to the tour that would result in the price decrease?


  • Check out the stops/cities visited. The price of a tour will go down if the tour has changed, eliminating one or more stops, That can be especially true for a river cruise if the number of days at shore-based hotels at the beginning or end of the cruise has been reduced. i have seen it recently, but don't remember the cruise; it might be XMAS markets on the Rhine where they eliminated the stop in Colmar starting in 2019 and further eliminated the excursion to Aachen starting in 2020. (I think the price went down $200 from 2019 to 2020.)

  • I checked that first but could not find anything different. I’m not complaining. We got our money’s worth and had another wonderful Tauck vacation. Just curious I guess.

  • I noticed the same thing on my Amsterdam, Swiss Alps and Rhine river cruise. I'm going this October, and next year is $300 less. I compared the itineraries and they are pretty similar. In fact on the 2020 trip, there is an added choice (Baden Baden) on one of the days so it doesn't really make sense to me. I know the Euro is better now than it was when I did the Christmas Markets last December, so maybe they over estimated the cost in 2019. Who knows? I can't change my plans, so I just have to bite the bullet and go this year.

  • I am thinking Tauck may have gotten a better rate on the hotels since they are expensive this year, though good.

  • I'm just glad the Switzerland one didn't increase.

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    We were on the June 14 trip. Except for the delay in the middle of our train journey from Milan and Basel had a terrific time. By the way, Tauck reimbursed my husband and I with a $500 voucher which we applied to the final payment for our trip in September and $200 check. I did notice the reduction in price for 2020. Not sure why. I do know it went up about $1000 on the 2019 tours from 2018 tours which I found excessive. Tauck is the best . Have done 5 river cruises with them and this will be our first land tour in September.

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