Any feedback on Puglia?

Hi! We love Italy and have gone many times, but have never been to this area in Puglia. We think it looks amazing. Has anyone taken this trip? Any feedback for us? Much appreciated. Carol


  • Yes, took the trip about three years ago. Think I wrote a review.

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    I just had time to look for my review of this tour in 2015. It may have changed a little since then because it was a new tour at the time. Go to the search option and type in in capitals in case it matters, My tips on Puglia tour

  • will be going there in Oct. will post review. looking forward to the trip especially Matera and di Fasano

  • Wildcat - Did you go to Puglia? Any feedback? Thanks

  • We just booked the Puglia tour today for September 2021. We wanted to go on a very different trip and came upon Puglia. The hotels are all 5 star and the itinerary is unique. British's review and comments helped us make the decision. Thanks British!

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    What a great review! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    That is great to hear! Before we went to Italy for the first time a few years ago we took up an Italian class for adults for an entire year at a local high school. Our teacher was from Bari in Puglia and she was wonderful. Didn't think much of Puglia until we came upon the Tauck trip. Now we can't wait to go. Thanks for your great feedback!

  • A number of people on our trip combined Puglia with Tauck Sicily. We did that trip at a different time combined with a cruise. My kids live in Arlington Va. I've missed them terribly this year along with everything else. Bring a bathing suit.

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  • You can also watch the movie Walking on Sunshine ( 2014) UK . It was filmed on the Apulia beach and has shots of the main piazza in Lecce. It's a happy Rom-Com with beautiful scenery and people.

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