Any feedback on Puglia?



  • Alan S : thank you for the information. :)

  • Anyone booked on A Week in Puglia tour starting 9/27/21?

  • We have booked this trip with friends departed on Sept.22.

  • We cancelled our September 8th Puglia trip. Way too many restrictions. We would be required to book and pay for an extra flight from Dulles to Atlanta so as to be on a non-covid flight and had to fly into Rome which we were not planning on doing. The most interesting restriction was that all meals would be served outside. We will simply wait another year so we could really enjoy the trip.

  • I did not see that we would be taking all our meals al fresco, that could be mighty hot that time of year. Where did they include that information?

  • edited July 2021

    I’ve taken the Puglia tour when it was very new. I believe it was late September and it was very very hot.

  • Jane - the dining was the feedback we got from our TA and Tauck probably a month ago. It may have changed now but maybe not. Something to check on for sure. I also did not include above the requirement for multiple COVID tests along the way. Once in Puglia you get tested and if positive you are secluded for 14 days. That's longer then the tour! So we opted out. None of it sounded like fun.

  • We were on the “Star Breeze” for two weeks. Everyone was vaccinated. We had two covid tests prior to the cruise, and five while aboard. No one tested positive. The cruise was a blast except for the guy whose partner didn’t do the paper work … left behind. Of course that made everything with the cruise ‘wrong’. It was great!

  • Eager to hear from those on the May 25, 2022 A Week in Puglia! Aaron and I were booked for this one in May 2020, and are looking forward to finally visiting Puglia. Laurie

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