Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Versailles

We are taking the Normandy, Loire, Paris trip in October. According to the itinerary, it says to pick up the "Tauck pre-paid tickets for the Versailles excursion." It's unclear WHEN and what this excursion is - before we meet for dinner? And when in Paris, it sounds like we get a bus tour past the sights with the rest of the day free - so we need to get our own Louvre tickets if we want to go. And the final day, there is a tour of the Musee d'Orsay, but when? am/pm? If I have to get tickets/go places, I need a little help with the timing. Thanks!


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    Looks as if you are a Tauck newbie. Whatever time you arrive at the hotel and check in identifying yourself as on the Tauck tour, there will be an envelope waiting for you with instructions from your tour director, all about dinner, other useful stuff and the tickets. I am quite sure of that. The tour director may even already be there. Many people arrive a day early so may have gotten their tickets the day before, giving everyone the opportunity go when is most convenient for them. The tour page says you go to visit it on your own, it’s just down the street from the hotel. Versailles is not in Paris. When we went we took a train there (let’s just gloss over that we got on the wrong train at first!)
    The clue about the site seeing tour in Paris, is that no lunch is included, so I guess you will be finished around noon. Tauck tries to make sure meals are at acceptable times.
    I am not sure when the Louvre closes, but personally I would not bother if you haven’t got a full day to do it, go back to France another time and see it at leisure. The D’Orsay visit will be in the morning, this is always how it works with Tauck without much exception.the best thing is to call Tauck directly and they should be able to help you, no one from Tauck regularly monitors the forum.
    I’ve been to many of the places you will be visiting. You are going to have a wonderful time. Be very careful everywhere in Paris for pickpockets, I could tell you many stories of robbery, assault, scams etc I know of from myself and friends who have visited Paris over the years.

  • We stayed at the Trianon Palace for the start of our Seine cruise. It literally shares a fence line with the Versailles grounds. Just outside the entrance/small parking lot is the Queens Gate which you can enter with no charge. In fact most of the grounds (hundreds of acres) are free and open. The palace itself, the trianon complex and the fountains on weekends are where you need a ticket. Get a map from the concierge with the best walking route from the hotel as you can end up walking miles. You might also spend some time on the Versailles website to help familiarize yourself with the layout.

    Our Tour Directors were at the hotel in a tiny room opposite reception the morning of the first tour day.

  • We took this trip last June. It is great! There are so many really fascinating visits.The Normandy Beach part of the trip is unbelievable. I hope you have the retired British General as your local guide for Normandy.
    The tickets for Versailles were waiting for us at the hotel along with the welcoming package. It was a morning drive-around the Paris sites and an inside tour of Notre Dame. (For those people that stayed an extra day, the local Paris guide arranged to take the Tauck guests to the Louvre.) The Orsay is also in the morning so you do have both afternoons free. If you haven't bought Rick Steve's Paris guide, I would suggest it. He describes a Louvre Light visit where he directs you to the highlights when time is limited. He also gives great advice on how to get around the city and how to maximize your time. We are devoted Tauck travelers but I always buy a Rick Steves guide (if available for the location) to plan our free time.

  • If you like Monet, you should include the Marmatton Museum in your exploration. It is a small less travelled museum but very nice.

  • And remember, if you run out of Monet, then go for baroque (rim-shot). Say it aloud if you don't get the joke. :)

  • Ken - You're referring to Count de Monet played by Harvey Korman, right?

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