Trying to look at possible trips and can not get to any trip itineraries! Is something up with the website? Help! I don't think it is user error, can someone do me a fav and try to search Scandinavian trips and see what happen. Thanks


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    It's not just you. I tried and while it came up with some picture highlights of Scandinavia the tours were canyonlands, africa, etc. No idea why.

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    edited September 2019

    Yep, looks like there are issues with the website. I was able to get a few tours to show by navigating to the map that has dots at locations various tours visit. One dot worked but Stockholm, which hosts two tours, did not.

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    Just tried, yes, the website is screwed up again. It was like this for months on my pad and Tauck said it was their problem. Suggest you call Tauck to tell them and get them to email you the itinerary and dates and work with them that way. It’s really really frustrating, we are trying to pick two more tours at the moment too.

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    Thank you... it is so frustrating. We finally have a minute to sit down and start the planning process and then this! Ugh. I am so appreciative of your help with verifying at your ends. Many thanks.

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