• Your shot card won't be checked when flying between camps, only when traveling between countries. Given the choice of getting a YF shot at home before the trip or getting turned away and needing to get a shot locally, if they even have the vaccine, and possibly missing a day or more of the trip, I'd choose getting the shot every time. You pays the price and takes your chance.

  • When we crossed the river from Zambia into Botswana, an immigration official got on the bus and asked to see our Yellow Fever certificates, we all had them, so I do not know what would have happened if someone did not have one. We’ve visited several countries now where The YF vaccine is required as a condition of entry. That does not mean that the immigration official will ask to see it. We always carry the card in our passport but have never offered it to the official.
    The officials must be fed up of Americans with the waiver papers. I’m so glad that there is such vaccine, it’s saved many lives. Yellow Fever was once common in the US.
    I can’t imagine having the anxiety of wondering whether I would be refused entry into a country if I did not have the vaccine.
    While the risk of contracting Yellow Fever is extremely low, we got the vaccine because of the country requirement. It’s been about twelve years since we got our shots. There is room on the card to record any shots you have. We keep it up to date.
    Another thing I learned that was new to me on this website was a tip about malaria meds. While I already knew the meds should be taken with milk or a meal, apparently a fatty meal is best..... which should be no problem on a Tauck tour 😀😀🤪🤪🤪

  • I’m glad we do not have reactions to Malaria meds, that would be a huge problem for us because we have been to so many country now where it’s a real risk. I think it does make me more sun sensitive when I am taking them but I have had photosensitivity for quite some time now.

  • Just remember that the yellow fever vaccine is a live vaccine and those with immune compromised situations should not have this vaccine.

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