Portrait of India Dec 17 from NYC

Going on Portrait of India Dec 17 from NYC anyone going on this trip, going day before looking for company to visit
Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, thanks


  • through Visa central

  • We used the Tauck recommended visa company, it may not have been Visacentral because Tauck did use another company at one time, so I don’t know which it was. It was still really difficult to fill in the forms, partly because what you filled in on line bore no relation to what you printed out afterwards. My husband almost gave up and cancelled the trip he got so frustrated with it. Maybe it is easier nowadays
    We are using Visacentral for our visas for Africa right now. We know you can do it on line, but we had a short amount of time and wanted to avoid unforeseen problems. We’ve been happy with using them before. .

  • We are going on Portrait of India February 18 2020. Would you be so kind as to review your trip and give us any tips that you might think would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • You can use Visa Central, the Tauck company, to get your visa, but when I took the trip in 2018 I got an e-Visa. Did it all myself online. I had the e-Visa within a few days. I never had to submit my passport and it was much cheaper. There are different lines in the Delhi airport for normal visas, like what you get through Visa Central, and for people with e-Visas. When I went the e-Visa lines were much shorter than the normal visa lines.

    Just thought you might like to look into an alternative.

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    Great photos

  • Two :-)

    Quirky - how about deleting the dupes?

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    Apologies. There was a technical problem with Tauck, so I called them today, and they released my draft box, which did not show dupes and produced duplicates; so the system was a bit, uh, quirky.

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