Late flight out of Bali

We are on the October 10, 2020 tour and have tickets from Bali to Shangai on a very late flight. Does Tauck make provision for late check out? We are using our "gift room nite" in Singapore and don't want to book an extra night at Four Seasons when we will not be there overnight. Thoughts?


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    Sometimes a day room is provided by Tauck (in Nairobi at the end of K&T), some hotels have reduced rate day rooms you can book, but in general if you have a late flight you will need to book an extra night or hang out in or around the hotel or at the airport until your transfer to the airport. Call Tauck.

    Our flight home from Jordan & Egypt departs Cairo at 1:50 am, so, since we are using our Gift of Time on the front end in Amman, we booked an extra night on our own in Cairo. It will allow us to do more touring on the last day, eat dinner, take a nap or freshen up before our transfer to the airport.

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    Sandman, we take this tour before you and wonder the same thing. Mr. B is about to call Tauck. I’m less concerned about a late checkout than him since it’s a nice hotel to hang out in without a room I would think

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    Sandman, my update. Mr B called Tauck today. The only way to guarantee having a late check out is to buy an extra night. We are not prepared to do that. We have to wait until we are there to see if we can get a later check out. It’s a shame in this case that it is a Four Seasons as they do not have a loyalty program as far as I know that might entitle some kind of guaranteed late check out. Anyway, Mr B booked our flights that leave on Sept 23rd from Philadelphia on Qatar airlines. The return flight leaves BALI at 12-30am.
    We have just taken a three session course on Bali and it seems that it’s one of the worst places on the planet for being pestered by locals trying to sell their wares. Other than that, it looks fabulous.

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    Thanks, Alan and always dependable British! I share the same thoughts as both of you. Our flight leaves after midnight and I will wait to see what some others have experienced. I think many on tour will have the same dilemma, even if they opted for their extra night at the end of the trip. I think the Four Seasons is a bit remote from the rest of the beach front and we may be spared all the glorious trinkets the locals have to offer.

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