Has anyone gone on this tour? What are your thoughts?

Has anyone gone on this tour? I am torn between the "regular" version and the Jewish Heritage version. I am culturally Jewish but not religious. Did you feel that there were too many concentration camps, synagogues, etc.? Are you happy you went on this tour vs. the "regular" (not the Jewish Heritage) version? Any feedback is helpful.


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    We went on the regular tour and there was plenty of Jewish history. Our tour director Mark, who I believe leads the tour quite often, gave us an entire narration of Jewish History while on the bus portions. There was opportunity to see synagogues in free time. It was one of our favorite tours. Since you say you are not religious, I think this tour would be fine for you.

  • I went on the regular tour 2.5 years ago. Like you, I am culturally Jewish, but not religious. I thought the Jewish tour would be too depressing. As British stated, there are plenty of Jewish sites on the regular tour. One thing I did during free time, was visit POLIN in Warsaw. Fabulous museum. It's included on the Jewish tour, but not the regular tour. I took a taxi to get there. In retrospect, I'm glad I chose the "regular" tour.

  • I went on this tour about 4 years ago. More than depressing it is disturbing. Disturbing that six million people were killed in cold blood. Primarily most were Jewish and slaughtered for the mere fact that they were Jewish. And then there were the righteous that hid Jews putting their own lives at risk. Will it surprise you that nothing is left of the "Jewish Quarter" in Poland? It's trip back in time~and 75 years later we are still asking how this happened. There would be no need for a museum in Poland about Jewish life if there were any Jews left to tell their own stories In addition the fact that it's not called a Jewish museum speaks volumes. How many are too many concentration camps, too many synagogues? Many of the synagogues that remain were restored even though the thriving Jewish communities that once worshiped there are no longer. In many instances people are just now learning that they are of Jewish ancestry.
    British, being observant or religious has nothing to do with this tour. BKMD it's not a Jewish tour, it's a Jewish heritage tour. Actually, when I took this tour about a quarter of the group was NOT Jewish. The Holocaust was a horrible time in history that impacted mankind. Atrocities similar to the Holocaust are happening today. Pretty soon there won't be anywhere in the world to go~it may be too depressing.

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    We did this tour several years ago and loved it. Plenty of Jewish sites on this one, and plenty of time to visit other Jewish sites and/or other religious sites if you want to. The (optional) visit to Auschwitz is a must see, although it is obviously very upsetting. Our guide was Anne Marie who is Catholic but incredibly knowledgeable about all the religious sites and history of the area. The Polin Museum was just a newly constructed building without any exhibits when we were there. We actually arranged to go there on our own (a good walk from the Bristol Hotel) on our day before the tour started, but Marie had also arranged to take our group there on one of our outings.

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