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Is anyone else seeing something slightly different on the forum home page? Despite having read all posts/threads, the titles of the last 5 or so threads still appear to me as a new post, i.e. the title of the thread is bold text. I posted a "test" reply to one post which turned off the title bolding.


  • Seeing same thing on my end. The forum has gone wonky once again.

  • Yes, same here

  • Sometimes this would happen if I forgot to login before reading the messages. That isn't the case this time, it's just as BSP51 put it, 'The forum has gone wonky once again'.

  • I was able to remove the bold font from the titles of the threads by posting a "test" , then deleting it. I worked for me but since it may be a cookie issue you will need to do the same thing if you want the bolding to disappear. I also sent an email to Tauck IT about the issue.

  • All seems to be working correctly this morning. Yeah!

  • I alerted Tauck Tim to the issue a few days ago. I also asked him for an update on Trip Reviews so we may see something posted about that in the coming days.

  • I am new to the forum, and still learning how to use and/or find information. Am I not seeing something, or is the activity level really low in the Kenya & Tanzania section? As best I can tell, I made the last post on October 30. Is this the average amount of activity for this forum? Thanks

  • Welcome Bobbette. The forum is not very busy considering the huge number of Tauck customers, but the information can be really useful. The K and T section can be busy at times. I will be going on that tour in one week's time, I’ve taken it before. Love Africa.
    If you have specific questions, try posting on that thread. You could also read the Tanzania Zanzibar. I would not read the Southern Africa Tours forums because it is different there and it might confuse you and give you the wrong expectations.

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