TRIP REVIEWS...where are they?

When Tauck changed their website we were told that the reviews would be back on by the summer. Unless I am missing them them, they aren't here yet. Are the reviews going back on the website or not?

The reviews are very helpful when planning new trips. Please put them back on!


  • I don't find reviews either and I really miss the reviews especially when trying to decide which tour to do next. I talked to "Tauck Tim" about this in early July and he told me they would be available "shortly." That was nearly six months ago - not sure why this is taking so long.

  • Where are the reviews for Israel and Jordan?

  • Gerald - while the reviews have not yet been reinstated to the website, you can find information on Israel/Jordan in this forum. Unfortunately, it is hard to find, as it is buried in the Egypt and Jordan section - so, you click on Egypt and Jordan on the right side of this page, and then you will see Israel and Jordan as a sub-topic.

  • Smacks 50. Are you still taking the K and T and Rwanda tour next week?

  • I exchanged emails with Tauck Tim. Depending on what his supervisor says, he may post an update about Trip Reviews sometime soon.

  • British: yes, I am leaving SFO Wednesday night and will arrive at the Arusha Serena hotel mid-day on Friday (assuming all goes as scheduled). I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

  • Smacks. I will private message you. If you are not familiar with this, please look for the email icon at the top right of this page. I don’t want to be off topic for this threwd

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