Classic or Small Group

We are planning to do the Bellissima Northern Italy trip. What are the differences between the "Classic" and small group trips besides the number of people on the trip for the price difference? Thanks!?


  • I don't mean to dodge the question, but it has been answered many times, by many people, with different opinions. I suggest you start with a search using key terms "small group" or "small group vs regular size group."

  • Dbmelone, I notice you have asked lots of questions in the past and people have been very helpful but you have never acknowledged anyone for going to the trouble of answering. Have none of the answers been helpful to you?
    My experiences with small groups have been negative, most recently just last week. If there is a group traveling together, it really limits chances to mix with others.

  • I choose my trips by the dates they are offered, not whether they are large or small. I'm a solo traveler and I've had wonderful experiences on small group and classic tours (and one classic tour that turned out to be a small group just because not many people signed up for it). Fortunately, I haven't run into situations when large groups are traveling together and spoil it for others, like British experienced recently. On my Rhine Christmas Markets cruise last month, there was a very large group traveling together; however, individually, they were very pleasant. It all depends on the people; not the size of the group

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