Vatican Tour

We are booked on the week in florence, venice ,rome in April
We just received an email that the private nighttime tour of the Vatican has been canceled and we will be doing a morning tour while the Vatican is open to all
Has this happened to anyone else on this tour?


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    It didn't happen to us though we went the first night in Rome which completely changed our 3 day Rome itineray. Tauck is at the mercy of the Vatican. I believe either the website and/or the Green Book mentioned this possibility. I always assumed that the morning tour, if necessary, would happen before the regular tourist hours. Viator , LivItaly, etc. have such "before hours" tours ("Get early access into the Sistine Chapel to admire Michelangelo's amazing frescoes one hour before the general public") so they must be available. You might want to call Tauck to confirm the Vatican museum visit details.

    Remember, there are two "Vatican" tours- one of St. Peters Basilica and Square done during normal visiting hours, and the other, the tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel after (or before?) hours.

    The online itinerary states, "subject to availability and day of the tour may change."

  • Ms Maryr, I think i am in the same group. I am looking to find out who is travelling with me

  • The private night tour has been canceled on the Bridge Tour of Rome in June

  • I’m on The Classic Italy Tour beginning May 4th. The after hours tour of The Sistine Chapel cancelled. From what Tauck told me in March (when I was notified) was that The Vatican has cancelled all after hours tours through at least June of this year. I believe we are going at 8:00 am. Lots of changes as the world opens back up. Stay flexible…..

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    I mentioned before that when I first went to Rome with Tauck about 2003, there was no private tour of the Vatican, there were a lot of people but there are security people all around who we called professional ‘shushers’ Yes, if people made noise, they shushed them. The other people did not matter, we were in the Sistine chapel and it was beautiful. At 8am, I’m sure it will not be that busy, plus, I’m still sure that tourist numbers will be way down in Italy this year, so I would not re-schedule for next year. Who knows what will be happening to us or the world going forward, do it now.

  • In 2019 we were on the Classic Italy trip and had a private Tauck only evening tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums and then in Venice a private evening tour of St. Mark's Basilica. Both were incredible Tauck only exclusive events. No crowds (just our group), no professional "shushers" and you were free to move around and talk.

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