Are binoculars used frequently during this tour?

Taking this excursion Mar 3 -17, 2020 and binocs were recommended by Tauck. Have previous travelers found them an essential item for viewing the wildlife? Rather not take them if they won't be used much. Many thanks.


  • It's a personal thing. I didn't take them and can only think of one occasion where they might have been nice to have (seeing an owl in flight - owl sightings were limited). In general, you see so much wildlife, up close and personal that I didn't miss the binoculars. That said, you can get some pretty small binoculars that don't take up much weight of space.

  • We have been to Galápagos twice. I would not say we used them frequently but we did use them. We have a compact pair each, one of which is waterproof. They take up so little room in our day bags, we would rather have them than not.

  • Thanks for the info. We'll consider a smaller pair instead of our 10x42 Nikons which were great on our Africa trip last year. They do take up a lot of space. Appreciate the responses.

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    I took them, rarely used them. If I was so far away that I couldn’t see whatever with my camera w/300 mm lens it was too small and too far away.

  • I didn't take any, there may have been a few times in the Galapagos that they would have been helpful, but that's about it.

  • We did this tour about 2 years ago. We carried binoculars but didn't use them much at all.

  • Returned from this trip and did not have an opportunity to use them. Wildlife was extremely close up and personal. With all of the other essential items needed, IMO, you can leave the binocs at home or take a very small pair. I took an 8 power monocular and did not use it at all. Zoom on the camera was adequate.

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