What does Tauck include on its first full day walking tour of Porto?

Because we arrive a day early, I am trying to plan a few activities for Porto. But I do not want to duplicate anything that will be included on the Tauck "walking tour of the town's historic center". Does anyone who has been on this cruise remember some of the attractions?


  • I believe this is the first year this cruise sails so not sure there is anyone who has taken it yet. Walking tour can often depend on the guide that day. To get an idea, you might Google some examples of other Porto half day or less historic walking tours. Here's one example


  • In our experience, Tauck does a good job in covering the scheduled locales so when we arrive early (always), we generally look at day trips away from the Tauck locale. Look up the Minho province.

    Viator is a good way to check on local tours including day trips away from Porto.

  • Hi drb,

    The day tour of Porto will mostly be an introductory tour or Porto with a local guide. If you'd like to share with me what you had a mind, I can reach out to the tour manager to see if it will be covered on the walking tour.

    Hope this helps,
    Tauck Emily

  • When we were on a Tauck land tour a few years ago, on our own we visited the Palacio da Bolsa. It is close to the river and where our walking tour finished up. There is an admission fee and you are required to sign up for a tour. The highlight is an absolutely stunning Arab ballroom, which is still used for functions. I can still picture it in my mind. Lots of steps in this building, so those with mobility issues would want to research carefully.
    After visiting the Palace, we walked up to the Cathedral. It is quite an uphill hike, but worth it for the views.

  • Hi Tauck Emily,
    It would be great if you could ask the tour manager whether the introductory tour of Porto includes the tour of the inside of Palacio da Bolsa. We are considering doing the tour of the Palacio and then crossing the Luis I bridge once on the upper level and once on the lower level.

  • Drb - I would be extremely surprised if the Palacio is included on the Tauck walking tour. As indicated, lots of steps, so a problem for people with mobility problems.

  • Hello drb,

    From our tour manager:

    We will not visit the interior of the Palacio de Bolsa or any other known Porto attractions due to time constraints. The site seeing portion of your tour are exterior walking tours including the Ribeira district, Luis I bridge, lookout point at bridge on Gaia side, and possibly the cable car. A more active walk will include a stop at the Cathedral (not interior). We will also visit a port house on the Gaia side.

    Since we will spend most of our time in the historic riverfront area, you might enjoy some time on the upper part of town, the Clerigos district.

    Hope this helps,
    Tauck Emily

  • Thanks to all. Emily - the info from the tour manager is exactly what I needed.

  • Is anyone from Northern Virginia on the Douro River tour beginning on 22 May? We'll be flying to that from Madrid after taking the Northern Spain trip - anyone on that?

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