Tauck's Guest Protection Plan includes $20,000 p.p. for emergency medical coverage. We would like to see Tauck increase that coverage to a minimum of $50,000 p.p.----$100,000 p.p. Each time we travel with Tauck, we have purchased additional medical only coverage for our trip. $20,000 is not enough if you have to deal with a catastrophic medical situation. A possible solution is that Tauck could provide a medical coverage upgrade to their plan for their clients to purchase.


  • I totally agree with your comments. $20,000 would barely cover a night or two of emergency care in most situations. For the price of their policies I would like to see this change included at no extra cost; as an alternative an upgrade could be offered at a modest additional charge.

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    Not a big deal, but could you edit your post and change the title to mixed case- I'm not making this up nor trying to be the Forum Police, but all caps is considered shouting or yelling and just "bad form."

    Won't your regular insurance cover you or at least what Tauck's policy doesn't cover? I have Medicare and Tricare which cover me for just about everything. I recently had knee replacement surgery which didn't cost me a cent. Rather than having Tauck increase their coverage, what is wrong with the way you are handling your coverage now- with a supplemental policy. That way to each his own?


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    Very funny! I always do capitals when I do reviews so it stands out.
    Alan, Medicare does not cover any treatment abroad, which I know you know but others new to foreign travel and over age 65 may not know this. I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to understanding insurance and leave it to Mr. B. But with talking to people of our age lately, I’ve realized that some people do not have suplementary insurance. One friend has Obamacare.

  • I have Medicare (as British noted this offers no foreign medical coverage) and an expensive Blue Shield supplement plan but that covers only $25,000 of expenses overseas. That and the Tauck coverage total only $45,000 which is nothing if a major medical event occurs. Rather than buy a fourth policy (the two above plus the Tauck standard coverage plus an additional policy) I agree it would be preferable for Tauck to make more substantial coverage available. I think people don't realize that many health insurance plans cover only limited expenses (if anything) overseas.

  • Sorry for all caps, I was trying to show the importance of this topic.

    smarks50: Thank you for your post. You are right, if a major medical event occurs (even if you have a Medicare Supplement covering some of it), it would be preferable for Tauck to make more substantial coverage available. I agree with you that for the price of Tauck's policy, this change should be included at no extra cost, or as an alternative, an upgrade could be offered at a modest additional charge.
    Also, if your Medicare Supplement includes some coverage for international travel, once that coverage is used up, there is no more for another major medical event. Many people are not aware of this.

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