Travel and Corona Virus

The Wall Street Journal had a good article this week on the Corona Virus and its implications for travelers. Although the WSJ is a paid service, I believe the link below will work for non-subscribers.


  • After I closed the initial subscribe pop-up, the article displayed fine for me. I wish more information was provided by the media as to those "at risk" for severe reactions or death. From what I have seen it is mainly the very elderly and those with some form of immuno deficiency- those with compromised immune systems, chronic lung diseases, smokers, etc. I'm just hoping my J&E which starts in a tad over 3 weeks still goes as planned. So far there have been no reports of cases in Jordan and only one in Egypt.

  • I'm leaving on Sunday for the Israel and Jordan tour that starts Tuesday. Many people are surprised that I'm still going. My attitude is, "I can wait and catch the coronavirus at home or catch it somewhere else doing something I want to do." Google "Appointment in Samarra."

  • Enjoy the trip, MCD. As I'm sure you've gleaned from the comments on the forum, it's a great one!
    The other bright side is you'll get away from the political ads. Being in a Super Tuesday state, it's a pandemic of ads :-)

  • Thanks, BKMD. I can sympathize with your comment about the ads. I live in NH. I went through withdrawal after the primary (though I enjoyed meeting 9 candidates up close and personal).

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    According to the the Johns Hopkins website (see link) there are no reported cases in Jordan and only 4 in Israel, one of which has already recovered. The only case in Egypt has recovered. I hope the trend for those countries continues. We only have 3 weeks to go.

  • Assuming you're not in the high risk category healthwise, the only real concern is traveling to some place where everything is closed. As one person on another forum said, not much use flying to some place like London if all the museums are closed. Better to be bored at home. We don't have a scheduled trip till September. If this is a pandemic by then we've got more worries than a canceled trip.

  • We’re on the March 24 trip to Israel & Jordan and hoping the trip will occur. Flying thru Frankfurt from Boston and back and more concerned about the FRA airport than anywhere on the trip. Im assuming Tauck will cancel before putting anyone in peril or if the itinerary gets closed down or limited by Israel bc of covid19 exposure concerns. Here’s hoping for the usual great Tauck adventure.

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