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Are the Green Book with luggage tags truly the only documents Tauck sends for their tours/cruises these days? Love the company and traveled with them a few years ago to Italy, so I realize that this is very minor, but - really? No nice document wallet at the least? Even the much lesser river cruise companies put their trip documents in a nice fabric trip wallet. The Green Book looks a little "chintzy" compared to the cost of the trip. (Just my humble opinion and, at this point, I will be thrilled to just be able to actually go on the trip.)


  • I have often thought about this issue myself. Most of my trips are with Tauck; however, when Tauck had cancelled its trips to Egypt several years ago, I took a tour with one of Tauck's competitors. My daughter chose a Danube cruise for her 40th birthday gift, and, because Tauck's trips were sold out, we went on a competitor. In each case, I received a very nice luggage tag that I use on every one of my Tauck trips -- one on my checked luggage and one on my carry-on. And I'm still using on every trip the "document wallet" that I received from an ocean cruise company in 1996. So -- I travel with Tauck but advertise its competitors. I'd love to have some nice luggage tags from Tauck.

  • We've taken 4 cruises and 2 land tours with Tauck and I'm sure getting the first wallet would be nice but what would I do with 5 more? Seems a waste. I have been saving my vox neck ribbons and someday may make a craft project from but they're pretty small.

    The luggage tags are not just to ID your bag but for the porters use to get your bag to the right room so therefore not real usable for future travel.

  • Thanks for the input. I do agree that there is an element of waste involved, but for many folks this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. I guess it's just that I know the wonderful special touches Tauck includes in their trips and the Green Book standing alone as the documents seemed a little dissonant to me.

  • Anyone wanna buy a box of Delta Business Class amenity kits? :D

  • Speaking of waste lol ??

  • edited March 2020

    Alan I can't get my husband to turn down the Delta economy packs. Wonder if I could use the eye masks as face masks in the current shortage?I

    On the posh side for Tauck, they've gone to refillable water bottles river cruises free to take home. Really nice insulated stainless steel so something to look forward to. I much prefer they spend the money on little extras/surprises during the trip. Makes me feel like a kid at Christmas.

  • I much prefer the green books to the sheaf of paperwork and green wallets we used to get. The hole enforced card luggage tags are fine. I would not want to leave a Tauck luggage tag on a none Tauck trip. We’ve run into Tauck groups on our other travels and would hate our bags to be pulled off the carousel by mistake for one of their tours.
    Talking of freebies. When I read a rival company forum, I get a huge laugh when there are huge amounts of discussion about the free logo gifts that people can chose and send for. The latest is a duffel that appear to rip open as soon as you fill it, Many people have complained about it. Just this morning a guy who’s free bag literally came apart at the airport leaving him with nothing else to put his stuff in.
    I would much rather go a Tauck River tour than a rival that did not include so many touring elements but with a fabric wallet I don’t need.

  • Claudia - Regarding the stainless steel water bottles, they are really heavy! We had to hire 2 locals to carry our water bottles. 😀

  • So did we!😀

  • Lol, yep. I liked using them while in our stateroom since they keep the water cold but used my cheap plastic one for daily touring. Husband wanted to bring them home so I made him put in his checked bag. Worried the security scanners would think they were bombs.

  • Ya know, maybe we should suggest to Tauck that we voluntarily return our double-insulated water bottles and Eagle Creek bags which then Tauck could re-issue (for compensation) or sell, and donate the equivalent amount of money to one of their or another charity- like the schools in Tanzania. That would be a much better use than piling up in a cabinet or in the attic.

  • I use my Tauck water bottles all the time, and my whole family travels with the collection of Eagle Creek Duffels we have collected. Those “leather” trip wallets I have received from other companies are either lost or have been discarded. I’ve never thought about getting fancy trip wallets from Tauck ... I’m happy with the ‘trips’.

  • Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your comments and, of course, I am thrilled with the trip itself. I was simply surprised.

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