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There has been discussion about whether Tauck should put some sort of General message about Corona virus on their main page. I know how Tauck operates as I am a long time customer, but many newer customers are concerned, even angry with Tauck. Here is just a partial part of an excellent message on the website of the company I am traveling with next week (well I hope I will be traveling?) It was posted 28th Feb

“.......will only make decisions based on facts, common sense and real danger to the health and safety of our travelers and guides. We will not make any decision based on personal emotions and fears. If ..... feels that running a trip poses too great a risk, we will cancel the trip, even if it was ‘guaranteed’. Safety of our travelers and guides supersedes all else.“.

I also follow another forum and am reading that every person who calls gets a different answer from an agent. They are being given very poor choices about cancelation and transferring to another tour and a short deadline to make a choice, this might limit them on getting money back if their tour is eventually cancelled. They also have to decide on a tour within 2020.
Right now, if I had to pick another tour just within 2020, I’d have a hard time doing that with Tauck because all my travel plans are made for 2020, I could maybe squeeze in somewhere in early November though I certainly don’t want to be away on Election Day.

Also been having trouble logging into the forum again and had to look up how I mentioned I did it here on the forum because I had forgotten.


  • ill be satisfied if Tauck will take my money and apply it to our river cruise we have deposits on with them for next April 2021. There is nothing we can do this year.

  • I have made daily calls to Tauck for the past week and they still have not made any cancellation decision about our tour (which stops in Venice). I feel that eventually they will cancel it, but they are waiting until the last minute. Our tour begins April 9th and apparently they have cancelled quite a few Italy trips for March. I also expressed my dissatisfaction with their website. Those of us who have trips starting in the next few weeks, should be given information from Tauck's website. We feel as if we are being ignored and it is very frustrating!

  • A friend who is taking a Viking River cruise in June to France received an email telling them that they can cancel up to 2 days prior to trip and note loose any apply towards another trip. Now getting worried suppose to go April 13th really want to go my retirement gift after working for 46 years.

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    Catsoos, I hope you can take your trip. The upside is that now you will be retired, it might be easier for you to choose dates in the future. Please post your experiences with Tauck as they unfold and hopefully it will help others with their questions, you are a seasoned Tauck customer. As you can read from my post above, my upcoming tour next week appears to be still a go. We have not called the company because the full message from them is very clear. We will call Thursday or Friday as we leave on Monday, just to check our tour is still going.
    I really do feel at this time that Tauck should be putting some kind of message on the website, it might reduce the number of calls they get. We rarely call Tauck except to book a tour but it’s clear from reading the forum that some people call Tauck a lot. That certainly will delay their agents if they have to call customers to cancel or change tours during this crisis. There could be a lot of waiting on hold which we have rarely experienced.
    I still mostly admire Tauck for not canceling tours Willy nelly when it might not in the end be necessary. Another company has cancelled certain tours right through the end of 2021, that’s just crazy.

  • British - did you mean "coroners"?

  • Whoops, my early morning posts and checking them gets no better, have corrected but it was a fun read in the light of things 😜

  • Freudian slip meets annoying auto-correct.

  • I think it's unconscionable and very surprising that Tauck hasn't addressed the entire situation on their main page.

    Just noticed that Delta cancelled their non-stop service from Osaka to the US. This impacts my return on my (presumed still on) Japan trip in early April. So if I rebook an alternative flight, then Tauck cancels the trip, I don't know if I' entitled to a refund/credit from Delta (no insurance bought). Something to work on the next few days.

  • I just talked with Tauck about another issue. When finished I asked, “How is your corona virus day going?” She said, (seeing that I was a frequent Tauck traveler), “How do you think?” She said, you are a frequent Tauck traveler, so you know we will take care of you. The newer travelers don’t have that confidence. Then she said, I’m going to Europe in June ... and I AM GOING!

  • Well said Sealord!

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