Anyone else having issues contacting Lufthansa Airlines regarding refunds for cancelled flights?



  • I found out on my own that our flight to Italy was cancelled on April 2. I waited a few weeks after unacceptable responses and lies from Lufthansa, and filed a chargeback with our credit card company. They issued a temporary credit and they gave Lufthansa 30 days to respond. Have received full credit as Lufthansa never responded to them. I probably would have never received our refund otherwise, so I highly encourage a chargeback be filed if not receiving refund.

  • Thanks, Carol. Others have given that advice, too, but my situation is a little different because it was only my return flight on Lufthansa that was cancelled while I was in Jordan. I had to book a one-way trip home on Turkish (which was really good), and that one-way trip that was booked the day before the flight cost just about the same as the entire "round trip" on Lufthansa. So, what I really want is for Lufthansa to pay for my Turkish flight, though at this point, I'd settle for half of the cost of the original Lufthansa ticket.

  • Have you tried going thru insurance? We are in the process of getting the money back from the new flight we had to get for our return from our abandoned tour in March but with another company and insurance. We could not get the money back for hte return flight we did not take but the extra it cost to buy hte new flight.

  • Thanks, British. I'll mention the insurance to my travel agent. If I recall, your recent trip wasn't with Tauck, right? I'll see whether the Tauck insurance has the same result.

  • I should think the Tauck insurance will be a much more positive experience.

  • UPDATE: Great news, my nightmare with receiving a refund on my March 9 Lufthansa canceled flights is finally over. I received my funds today from my Credit Card company after filing a dispute for services never received from Lufthansa. If you are still waiting for Lufthansa to refund your airfare for flights that they canceled due to the COVID-19 Virus, file a charge back dispute with your credit card. The process works, folks. I received my funds 9 weeks after the initiation of the dispute. I hope that I never have to go thru all this stress and anxiety again.

  • Congratulations!

  • Glad it worked out!

  • Congratulations, alwaus go to you Credit card first from now on!

  • I agree! I filed a dispute with my CC company. They issued me a temporary credit immediately, and a full refund in 30 days,

  • I also appreciate the advice of filing a dispute with our credit card company. We received the temporary credit and are still waiting for the full refund - it should come in our next billing cycle.

  • I think I was the one who first suggested travel maven file with the CC company. That said, you should always try to settle with the vendor/airline before filing a chargeback. It's a lot wasier, if they cooperate.

  • BKMD: I agree with your statement and should have added that in my comments. You were the one that suggested the chargeback approach and I thank you for that information. I didn't know that was an option. I just wanted to add that I did attempt to resolve the refund issue numerous times with Lufthansa via e-mail and telephone calls over 30 days with no results and only a vague promise of a refund. Matter of fact, the Credit Card Company advised that you need to try to work things out with the service provider for at least 30 days before initiating the formal dispute. Be sure to document all calls, emails, etc as you may need to provide this as evidence when initiating your dispute request. Another tip to note: If an Airline cancels your flight, be sure to do a screen print of the page showing the cancellation. I failed to do this and when I went back into my reservation after contacting the Airlines for a refund, my reservation details were deleted. The confirming e-mail from Lufthansa only stated that the reservation was canceled, there was no mention of a refund. I learn so much from this forum, thank you everyone for your input.

  • I keep a ‘hard’ copy of every transaction until the trip fades into the past. It makes a rather thick file that sometimes scares ticket agents when you drop it on their counter. I, sometimes being a slow learner, have learned this lesson several times. Unless you can book it with ‘miles’, booking with Tauck can save you a lot of trouble. Our tickets for our canceled trip were on Lufthansa, but booked through Tauck. We had our money back in about eight days.

  • Lufthansa Airlines is one of the most profitable operator, I think.

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