Trip cancellations for Africa

Has anyone had their Africa trips cancelled? I read that South Africa has closed the country to US and European visitors.


  • What time frame are you talking about?

  • I am on the April 17 trip and was told that as of yesterday, it was not cancelled. Basically on hold to hear.

  • Tauck is working through the dates I am scheduled for an April15th trip to France, they told me when I called I should hear something soon they are working on trips through April 14.
    Call them to check I have traveled with them since 1974 they will take care of us.

  • State Dept issued a Level 4 for all International Travel for US citizens. Americans DO Not travel abroad. If you are abroad, return to the USA immediately because you might be stuck there for a long time.

  • I hear that South Africa bans US visitors. If the ban continues in May or later, will Tauck cancel my reservation for my South Africa tour? Will AA let me board the plane?

  • Africatourist

    I hear that South Africa bans US visitors. If the ban continues in May or later, will Tauck cancel my reservation for my South Africa tour?

    Yes, if your tour falls during a time US visitors are banned from entering SA, Tauck will definitely cancel the tour. Even though it may be unlikely that the coronavirus conditions and country entry policy will significantly change, Tauck appears to be taking a phased approach, evaluating tours a month or so at a time before they cancel. The outbreak is not predicted to peak in the US for another two weeks or more so conditions are unlikely to improve and policy change any time soon, certainly not by May. It is more likely the ban will be extended well into the summer and possibly the fall.

    Will AA let me board the plane?

    If SA bans travelers from the US, any air carrier that might be still be flying to SA will prevent you from boarding. I suspect the ban applies to US citizens, regardless of point of departure and air carrier. It is also unlikely you will be able to get there via a European connection, either.

  • If you look at the Latest info on Tauck, it now says all tours are cancelled up to May 15th. When they have dealt with all those customers, they will likely then go beyond that date, say to the end of July I would think. I’m not banking on getting any tours this year. Anyway, it’s a good way to save some money. If things improve, those of us who don’t have to worry how to pay the next mortgage payment or afford basic needs, can get out there and get the exonomy moving again. How blessed we are.
    Keep on Social distancing, don’t lapse. I’ve already seen neighbors who were taking walks ten feet apart a few days ago now just three feet apart.

  • For those that still have some cash looking for a trip, the Treasures of the Med. Southbound on 9/26/20 apparently had a cancelation cuz there is at least one room available where all have been sold out for a long time. We are on the 9/6/20 trip and still have some hope of doing it. Le Ponant (the ship) is in Genoa being reworked so that is an added complication.

  • Sealord, it's not a question of having cash, it's having any assurance of the trip actually happening before going through the effort to book a trip and airfare. I'm booked on a Ponant ship for the Iceland tour at the end of June. Right now all Ponant ships are "Beached" from March 15th until further notice. IMO, I think June 1st would be the earliest that things could resume, but who knows. I'm holding onto about 20% confidence that the end of June trip will actually happen.

  • I understand. But, for any looking for a replacement trip this year, the trips on Le Ponant were basically sold out before they were published. A trip in September has some likelihood of actually happening. I don’t know what the itinerary might look like since several stops are in Italy, but after this experience I would be happy with a ten day boat ride.

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