"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz? Round #57

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See Round #20 for info about and rules for the contest.

Round #49 won by Portolan
Submitted by BKMD. Axel Towers, Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen, which was my favorite city on the Scandinavia tour has bike trails/lanes throughout the country, not only in the city.

Round #50 Unoffically won by AlanS (playing behind the scenes via PM and doesn’t count)
Submitted by Smiling Sam. Gold Funerary Offering, Chimu, Imperial Epoch (1300 AD - 1532AD) found in the mud brick city of Chan Chan, the capital of the Chimu kingdom of NW Peru. The picture was taken at Lima’s Rafael Larco Herrera Museum during the Peru and Galapagos tour.

Round #51 won by Portolan
Submitted by JohnS. We are in Chitwan National Park on the river Rapti in the Terai lowlands of Nepal. This was on the first day of our Safari on the Northern India and Nepal trip.

Round #52 no winner!!!
Submitted by SueMS. This shot was taken during a walking tour of Old Town Warsaw of the Castle Inn. The inn is set in the sixteenth century townhouse of the Kościelski family in the heart of Warsaw’s picturesque Old Town, and is in itself a true work of art. Its rooms dreamt up from concepts of exquisite visionaries like Rene Magritte, Maurits Escher and Lewis Carroll.

Round #53 won by Smiling Sam
Submitted by BKMD. Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Australia "The town is a graffiti capital in Australia apparently. Recently it has been attracting the world-wide attention to its street art: the city attracts people from all around the globe, therefore they develop a really unique style."

Round #54 won by Smiling Sam
Submitted by AlanS. Bunratty Castle, Bunratty, Ireland. Best of Ireland, Small Groups

Round #55 won by Derek
Submitted by Sealord. Mosi oa Tunya National Park, Livingstone, Zambia. The deck bar at the Royal Livingstone- sunset over the Zambezi.

Round #56 won by Smiling Sam
Submitted by BobHamburger. River Rafting on the Snake River just outside Jackson, Wyoming, part of the Yellowstone & the Tetons: American Safari tour. The Tetons are in the background.

Round #57 is officially open. Submit your photo in a reply [Leave a Comment] to this announcement.


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    Here's one a bit different. Where was this taken and what is so special about the bird?

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    Was it a Cousin of this one?
    My photo was taken off the Skeleton Coast in Namibia

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    It has cousins all over the world. Here's a few cousins from Panama.

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    And a few from Ngorongora crater.

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    But where and who is the original?

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    Ok, this should show you the where, but still need what is special about the bird.

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    It’s Greece, but don’t know where since I’ve never been.

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    Petros the Pelican, Mascot of Mykonos?

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    JohnS is the winner, British you need to go it is beautiful. We saw Pete the Pelican (Petros) during our Treasures of the Aegean Small Ship (Windstar) tour.

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