"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz? Round #69

See Round #20 for info about and rules for the contest.

Round #63 won by BKMD
Submitted by Smiling Sam. A woman of one of the Karen tribes which reside in both Myanmar and Thailand. Picture was taken in Chiang May, Thailand on the Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand tour.

Round #64 won by AlanS
Submitted by Portolan. Katzenzungen Castle, home of the 350+ year old vine of Versoaln. Versoaln isn’t just Italy’s oldest vine, it is one of the oldest in the world – and the largest in Europe. Located in Tisens, South Tyrol, it is 350 years old, and its branches form a 300-square-meter pergola. It produces a white wine that goes by the same name as the vine, Versoaln.

Round #65 won by BKMD
Submitted by MCD. The Boboli Gardens of Pitti Palace - Florence Italy. The Abundance, 1608 - 1637, by Sebastiano Salvini - Giambologna - Pietro Tacca. White marble with wheat bouquet of bronze.

Round #66 won by AlanS
Submitted by BKMD. A photo taken during the Israel & Jordan tour a short distance from the Movenpick Resort in Jordan of the window of a small shop. The window display featured a female mannequin wearing a “Burkini,” a full body swimsuit which covers all but face, hands, and feet, and is designed to be worn by Islamic women.

Round #67 won by JohnS
Submitted by Sealord. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Round #68 won by BKMD
Submitted by JohnS. A high drop, “Squatty Potty” at Bhadrapur Airport (BDP) in Bhadrapur, Mechi, Nepal.

Round #69 is officially open. Submit your photo in a reply [Leave a Comment] to this announcement.


  • What is this and where is it located?

  • It's to lock up a bicycle and it's located on the floor.

  • It's not a bicycle rack.

  • It’s the tail of an ultra lite that impaled in your driveway while the cement was still wet. The pilot was never seen again.

  • It's not a bicycle rack.

  • I heard you the first time :)
    I get the impression we're all starting to go a little stir crazy...

  • Agree. A hint....if you lived in South Boston you would love to have this.

  • A parking restriction post. No idea where.

  • Which tour were you on when you saw this?

  • To block someone from parking in front of your house? S. Philly was big on that too with lawn chairs.

  • It’s an antenna that transmits high frequency sounds to scare away the South Boston wharf rats.

  • While I like Smiling Sam's suggestions, John and BKMD got it correct. It's a parking space saver. It comes with a key lock. You lock it in place and then unlock it when you return home to your space. You can see the hinge on this one where it folds down so that the car can park over it.

    It works the same way that lawn chairs, milk crates, old tires, etc do in Philly and Boston. In Boston you can save the space that you have shoveled out for a few days after a snow storm.

    This one is in Lugano but we've seen them in other places....Stresa...and Zagreb. The one in Zagreb is contains a note about not parking in the spot.

  • Interesting that it's in English

  • It's also interesting that they park half in the road and half on the sidewalk and that the spaces are numbered!

  • The first was a double loop the second a single loop folding frammus.

  • My husband grew up in Southie! In those days, most space savers were just a garbage can.

  • Now it's anything you want. When the allotted time is up (I think it's three days), the Mayor makes an announcement to remover your space savers or they will be confiscated by the garbage trucks. I don't live in the city but see it all the time on the news.

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