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Just out of curiosity I checked on my American Airlines reservation for my scheduled Egypt: Jewels of the Nile trip in October. When I opened my reservation the first thing I see is a note that says "Your tickets have been changed, check back at a later time." Not exactly what you want to see. I got out the paperwork of the original reservation and compared to what was now in my reservation. Here's what I found:

My flight from Tucson to Chicago had not changed. My flight from Rome to Cairo had not changed. BUT my flight from Chicago to Rome had been deleted. Yes deleted, not changed, deleted. The same thing occurred on my return flights. The leg from Rome to JFK had been deleted.

So I now have flights that start and end in each direction, but both are missing the middle leg. I assume this is because American has cancelled all flights to/from Italy. Unless that changes, even if Tauck operates the tour, I would have no way to get there and back.

Just one more fun thing to deal with. B)


  • I may have foolishly thought flights to Italy had all been cancelled. I just got on the American website and found the following:

    If the above is real (there are flights from Chicago to Rome), then I really don't have a clue what happened to my reservation.

  • They may be changing to a different type of aircraft, or just a schedule revision. AA revises their schedules once per quarter. You are still a couple quarters away so I would watch for more revisions after they finish this one. We have had changes on both Air Canada and LH for September.

  • Sounds like a job for an excel spreadsheet. :)

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    For those of you that don't understand the excel spreadsheet comment from BKMD let me explain. We have been having a private message discussion about hotels on various tours, about what each of us does/did for work, etc. Well in those discussions I said that I had a BSEE and a Masters in SWE. With respect to hotels I told him how I use information from Trip Advisor to get an assessment what to expect for hotel quality on any tour. As an example, I sent him the following spreadsheet for the Egypt: Jewels of the Nile tour hotels.

    He teased me how I was "an engineer", kind of a nice way of calling me a nerd.

    So his comment on this thread above was a very funny zinger at me about spreadsheets. For those that haven't experienced it, BKMD is very sharp and witty, that often comes up with amusing comments in this forum. I appreciate his humor, keeping things light and fun.

  • BKMD

    Sounds like a job for an excel spreadsheet.

    Actually, this is just one text section of my spreadsheet. :D Both itineraries are the same only a time change, aircraft change, two months and $1000 difference per ticket!! (and a day before the fare went up another $2750 per ticket)

  • AlanS - A kindred spirit! Long live the spreadsheet!

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