What is COMPASS? It sounds like it would be interesting, but I will need to find the magic trick to subscribing. I have been so out of touch with the Forums after having lots of problems while the website was reorganized. Besides, my trips keep getting cancelled. I have missed reading and chatting with my fellow travelers. Now I just play online Bridge.


  • It used to be a large newsletter that Tauck mailed out once or twice a year. It is now a shorter almost weekly email "magazine" that Tauck initiated, I believe, after the pandemic started. It includes videos and other features, such as snippets from tour directors. I really like it. From what I have read from others, if you are not receiving it, you can sign up on the Tauck website.

  • Hey Dixiechick. Nice to see you back on the Forum. Yes, we are in cancellation and rebooking mode these days too. Tauck has been incredibly wonderful to work with. I wish I could say the same for a few of the airlines.

  • Shouldn't they keep up to date and change the name of Compass to GPS?

  • I've only gotten 1 compass email and that weeks ago, but here is a direct link to bookmark for the content:

  • I'm not sure which of the Compass discussions folks are following, so I'm posting this in all of them. I received only the initial email announcing that it was going to be emailed weekly and then never got another thing. After seeing the comments here, and having no luck when I checked the various options on my account about journeys I would be interested in, I sent a message to [email protected] on May 23 and received a response from Nick on May 26 which said "I’m sorry for a mix-up with the newsletter mailings. I’ll reach out to our marketing department and make sure you receive all appropriate newsletter mailings."

    I received an issue of Compass on May 27. Hope this helps.

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