Some September tours may operate

We are booked on the 9/15 America's Canyonlands. Got a call yesterday from Tauck asking if we still wanted to do the tour, and also if our dates were flexible in case they need to consolidate tours. They said it will take a week or two to figure out what they will be doing with the September Canyonlands tours.


  • Thanks for sharing, that’s a great tour, would happily take it again

  • Wayside- I also got a call yesterday from Tauck about the Douro riverboat cruise that I am supposed to take in early September. It looks as if they are seriously considering making that trip happen as well.

  • Hard to see a European Tour coming in the near future. EU has shut down travel from the US, and I don't see it opening up until progress is made on infection rates. We have a Classic Italy tour scheduled for October 4th. Flights have been canceled so, if it goes through, we have no booked way of getting home or back. I wish Tauck would go ahead and cancel, so I could deal with the side tours already booked and rebook for 2021.

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    Re Canyonlands, great scenery, but Arizona is the last place in the country I'd want to travel to, being one of the CV hotspots now with its ICU beds almost at capacity.

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    Yes ,of course , all those different considerations have to be thought about. I’d be nervous traveling with the usual crowd of Floridians at present. I’m also concerned whether Tauck will enforce proper face mask Wearing on the tours. I see too many people not covering their noses. If I ask the supermarket check out people to cover them they refuse stating their boss says it is not compulsory. I spoke to the manager at Costco this week as many of their checkout people don’t cover their noses, she said if they have underly Medical conditions she can’t do anything...must be a lot of employees like that.

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    Our Legends of the American West Tour end Sept was cancelled.

  • I'm still waiting to hear on my Sept 4th Switzerland tour.

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    We are on the Sept 13 Canyonlands, but have not heard anything. I'll check with the TA. And, British, I'm a Floridian, so Arizona doesn't scare me!

  • Got a call yesterday from Tauck asking if we still wanted to do the tour, and also if our dates were flexible in case they need to consolidate tours.

    Interesting. When I saw the June 26 COVID update on Tauck's home page, I thought, "They're getting ready to start up again." I figured that the domestic trips, especially the national park trips, would probably be the first to operate. Looks like I was right.

    I haven't heard from them yet on my September Canadian Maritimes trip. The airline has cancelled my flights to Canada and the border remains closed to tourism (they extend the closure every month about 5 days before it expires). I sure hope Tauck cancels the tour before I have to make the final payment. I expect they will, but still a little nervous. Also wondering when American Airlines will get around to canceling my Dublin flights for my (cancelled) August Ireland tour. Still on the books as of today.

  • We are booked on the Oct 1 Spirit of the Desert tour which includes flying to Grand Junction, CO, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Has anyone heard if Tauck has cancelled any of the earlier dates for this tour? Not really looking forward to flying or mixing with anyone until the virus is more contained.

  • I'm still waiting on word about my early September Switzerland tour and when I called Tauck yesterday, I was told a decision will be made on the 6th. I am not sure if this is only regarding September tours (I know some Sept and Oct tours have already been cancelled), but hopefully we'll know more on Monday.

  • So far, Switzerland has not lifted travel restrictions for Americans and doubt they will with our appalling record.

  • Anyone hear about September 4, 2020 South Africa An Elegant Adventure? As of now South Africa is closed to tourism until Feb 2021. I read that the Tourism Board is pushing to open by Sept. But seems to me that Sept 4th tour should be cancelled by now! Particularly with full payment due 45 days before we should be notified. Travel Agent said “they’re not up to that yet” and no response to my email to Tauck. Anyone get any answers?

  • Supposedly they are meeting this week to decide tours for the rest of the year. No idea when they'll announce or start calling.

  • We have a Sept 25 Elegant Adventure booked this year. I can’t see how they can operate. The US Embassy is still offering repatriation flights back. There is only one to US in July.

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